Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Small Wonders School turns green

Green week culminates at Small Wonders School
Small Wonders School kids tread green way
Mohali, April 22,2010
The environment week celebrations culminated at Small Wonders School today.
An array of green activities marked the celebrations promoting core idea of planting more trees and producing lesser pollution for a secure future.
Principal cum Director (Acad) Dr. R.K Walia administered pledge to children to be the green heroes of their today’s time. He called upon students as well as teachers to keep surroundings clean and green.
Christened as Grab and Gab Day, the first day saw students of classes I and II talking about ways to contribute towards a healthier air to breath in and clean city to live in. Dressed in red attires, students of play classes and LKG lent a different hue to the celebrations.
Students of class I and II enthusiastically participated in slogan writing competition. Students wrote catchy slogans promoting the green cause.
Going greenthe students of Classes III and IV participated in dustbin making activity in their respective classrooms on third day.
An inter-house quiz competition marked celebrations on fourth day wherein students displayed knowledge gained throughout the week.
Commemorating Earth Day celebrations, students prepared a wall activity exhibiting the knowledge they have of mother earth.
Concluding day has a wonderful power point presentation emphasizing on use of three Rs including reduce, reuse and recycle.
Tiny tots of play way classes and LKG enjoyed nature walk with their respective teachers. Each student was given a gift of life – sapling to plant.


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