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International Olympiad winners honored at The British School

International Olympiad winners honored at The British School
The British School honors international Olympiad winners

Chandigarh, March 27,2010

The British School honored winners of International Science and Maths Olympiad at a specially held ceremony here today.

Addressing parents, teachers and students at the occasion, principal Mona Sri Sethi said that school children secured eight gold medals, five silver medals and four bronze medals and merit certificates were awarded to top 500 Olympiad rank holders.

“It is matter of pride for us to have so many winners amongst us. School’s integrated system of education has enabled these children to emerge winners from one lakh students of 700 schools that were a part of this mega event,” she said.

The students had participated in International Science and Maths Olympiad, held in November and December 2009. A Das, National Co-ordinator and Kamal Kishore (Technical Head) of Society of Olympiad, Delhi honored winners and participants of Olympiad with medals and certificates.

A Das said that the Olympiad Society’s impetus was on sharpening the reasoning power of students and help them identify their strengths in respective fields.

Winners of gold medal honored at the occasion included Himanshi from class1, Sahib from class 2, Eeshna from class 3, Sukhnaaz from class 3, Shamik from class 4, Harkuwar from class 5, Shanav from class 6 and Hiya from class 7.

Silver medal winners honored were Narrun from class1, Sejal from class 2, Ajitesh from class 3, Ashok from class 6 and Shagun from class 6. Bronze medal winners include Ridhi from class1, Ronitt from class 2, Pawan from class 3 and Aqib from class 6.

Shanav of Class 6 and Sahib of Class 3 were honored for securing 12th and 25th ranks in the Science Olympiad Internationally. Fatima of class 3 scored third rank in the Maths Olympiad Internationally

A cultural programme was also organized to honor guests and the parents who were ecstatic with their children winning medals and certificates.

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