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School students visit farms at village Bakarpur Anees School students have brush up with rural Punjab Rural life beckons school students

Mohali, April 20,2010

The students of Anees School has brush up with the rural life during their visit to Bakarpur village.

Director, Aneet Goel said that as a part of school’s endeavor to provide students greatest exposure to different facets of life, the trip was held for an agricultural field wherein children experienced nature’s glory, learnt about agriculture implements and saw the farmers sweating hard to produce food for us.

Students from class seventh, eighth and ninth observed methods of harvesting, threshing, winnowing, and irrigation.

Far away from the milieu of urban life, visit to farm rejuvenated students who studied the plants of onion and garlic.

Many young minds them talked to the farmers, put up number of queries and collected information related to their forth coming school projects.

The center of attraction of entire visit remained beautiful nests of weaver birds that many of us haven’t seen since long, Goel said.

Goel added that the visit remained an everlasting experience and developed skills of observation, collection of information and investigation that form foundation of teaching and learning of science.

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