Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Computer navigated technique best option for knee replacement, Dr Harsimran Singh

Osteoarthritis prevention should begin at young age, Dr Harsimran Singh
Think positive, keep osteoarthritis at bay, Dr Harsimran Singh

Chandigarh, February 20,2010
Thinking positive and keeping self-perpetuating negative thoughts controlled helps keep osteoarthritis at bay.
Dr Harsimran Singh, consultant orthopedics and joint replacement, Fortis Hospital, Mohali said this while addressing gathering at a function of Senior Citizens Welfare Organization, Modern Housing complex, Manimajra held here today.
He was delivering a brief talk on osteoarthritis, symptoms, ways to control it, dos & donts and latest treatment. Dr Harsimran said, “As long as we keep dwelling on negative thoughts, it keeps escalating until we believe the worst. Using negative thoughts to cope with osteoarthritis pain can actually increase your risk of disability and pain. Instead on should focus on adaptive therapies like distraction or calming statements.”
Discussing the latest technology treatment available, he revealed that recent advances in treatment are minimally invasive surgical and computer navigated techniques. Computer navigated total knee surgery leaves no margin for error, which is always present in conventional surgery technique. Computer assisted knee surgery uses a computer software program to calculate angles of knee. enabling surgeon to conducted surgery with greater accuracy and precision of the tune of 1mm variation.
The doctors are now aiming at unaided walking (without any stick or walker) as early as three weeks after surgery and return to previous job in next 3-4 weeks.
He said that predominant causes of osteoarthritis are obesity, lack of exercise and family history of disease. “The prevention of osteoarthritis should begin in young age. A balanced, healthy diet, along with daily exercise is most efficient way of preventing osteoarthritis,” he advised.
Proper medical advice should be taken in the early stages of the disease. The progression of arthritis can be slowed down by certain cartilage supplements and physiotherapy.
Meanwhile, team from Fortis Hospital held free ortho camp for the members of Senior Citizens Welfare Organization t community center, Duplex Houses, MHC Manimajra. The patients’ BP, weight, bone densitrometery tests along with ortho and physiotherapy consultancy were provided free of cost. Mayor Anu Chatarath Presided over the programme

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