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Heal yourself spiritually and physically at Cheema Medical Complex

Cheema Medical Complex launches mind, body, soul programme
Cheema Hospital’s MBS comes to heal
Mohali, March 20,2010
Now relax your mind, body and soul (MBS) at Cheema Medical Complex, phase IV Mohali with the MBS programme encapsulating module to ease you from stressful and competitive atmosphere.
Meant for people of all age groups, MBS will draw more benefit for children and women who remain under constant pressure. It is an initiative to connect human from the soul within and help one cleanse inner self.
Hospital director Dr Ajaiwant Cheema said, “Children these days undergo lot of stress and pressures to perform well behave nicely et al.”
Dr Cheema added that at the same time women feel depressed right from the birth initially due to sex discrimination meted out at home, then teenage, before marriage period, immediately after marriage (change of environment), pregnancy, and post partum depression. All the more working woman has Herculean task to balance home and work that results in pressure.”
MBS programme has been designed keeping in view the importance of healthy mind living in a healthy body
Soul gives us conscience and without mind body will have pathological problems. “We need to strike balance between three- mind, body and soul,” Dr observed.
The client who comes for first time, will have consultations with three concerned people including psychiatrist for mind, dietician for body and master hypnotist for soul or spiritual aspect.
This would be a kind of screening wherein patients would be analyzed and fields requiring more self-empowerment would be identified, Dr added.
Hypnosis and past life regression is being introduced for the first time, said the master hypnotist Dr Cheema. The hypnosis, age regression and past life regression helps in healing person from within and in many cases has succeeded in helping give up habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, abuse and cruelty.
Beneficiaries of program from March to March 31 will be issued discount cards that can be availed within three months.

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