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our day teachers’ training programme concludes at Small Wonders

Four day teachers’ training programme concludes at Small Wonders
Innovation, flexibility key to good teaching

Chandigarh, April 11,2010

Innovation, flexibility and efficiency are the three vital keys to good teaching, said Mala Malhotra the resource person of four-day teachers training programme that concluded at Small Wonders School today.

A collaboration of the Small Wonders School and idiscoveri XSEED, a Delhi based company engaged in the field of innovative education held this four day workshop that was interspersed with lot of activities for participating teachers.

Principal-cum-Director Academies Dr. RK Walia inaugurated workshop and welcomed resource person Mala Malhotra.

In his welcome addressed, Dr. Walia said that workshop aimed at preparing educators to understand soul and methodology of XSEED curriculum so that they can implement it effectively in classroom. Dr Walia thanked Sandeep Singh, Director for taking initiative to provide an opportunity to enhance teaching, learning skills.

Malhotra gave valuable insight into teaching process and enlightened educators about growing trends in education. She said that XSEED aims to make learning exciting and meaningful for every child.

With the onset of 2010-11 session the participating teachers will implement the XSEED curriculum in their respective classes. The four days workshop discussed the expectations from child behavior that emphasized on core that every child is different.

Resource person Malhotra talked about the teaching and learning cycle for a teacher. The teachers were acquainted with teaching components such as teacher manuals, students, workbook and training for teachers / instructional leader.

The most interesting part of workshop remained XSEED classroom management techniques that identified five components of a well managed classroom.

Workshop introduced teachers to an assessment cycle that remained five hours activity. They were made to understand fundamentals of assessment and assessment cycle. It recognized value of non judgmental observation as a tool for effective assessment and feedback.

Malhotra encouraged adopting rationale assessment policy and discover possibility of alternative ways of assessment beyond pencil and paper tests.

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