Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lead free Eco Ducts takes over air-conditioner industry

Lead free Eco Ducts takes over air-conditioner industry
Eco Ducts – a revolutionary ducting system in ACs
Eco Ducts adds health to green buildings
Eco Ducts – a healthier AC option

Chandigarh, April 10,2010
Lead free Eco Ducts of Mangla Sons industry, a revolutionary ducting system used in air flow in centrally air-conditioned buildings, has been adding health to the green buildings.
Talking about this unique ducting system, Pawan Mangla, Director, Eco Duct said that these Eco Ducts are the healthiest options for ducting available in market.
The ducts are widely used in centrally conditioned set ups such as hospitals, office buildings, schools and malls for carrying and circulating the fresh and cool air.
“Instead of providing fresh air, the usual ducts emit harmful gases. Ducts already present in market, used in air-conditioning systems, contain lead that is cancer causing element and injurious to health. Very presence of toxic materials like lead makes air obnoxious and may have long term health risks,” he added.
He said that prolonged exposure to lead interferes with an array of body processes and several studies conducted have found lead harmful. “In fact lead laced fuels like petrol were banned in India because of its harmful effect and obnoxious emissions,” he revealed.
An initiative of Mohali-based Mangla Sons, Eco Ducts, is the first to flood market using eco-friendly technology that refreshes interiors in true sense.
Eco-ducts are manufactured from lead free galvanized sheets. “These are being produced at our most modern plant from the galvano sheets, which is a TATA Steel product,” he revealed.
Mangla revealed that these ducts bring a gush of fresh and healthy air along and are a great contribution to the concept of green buildings, which is gaining popularity because of their reduced overall impact on human health and natural environment.
“As an employer and businessman, it’s my duty to safeguard my employees and customers health. Imagine a hospital putting risk of its patients and heath workers at risk using lead laced ducts or even the shopping malls risking lives of avid shoppers using the toxic ducts,” he reasoned.

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