Sunday, August 30, 2009

WWICS bestowed Excellence Award

WWICS best global resettlement company of world
CMA bestows WWICS with excellence award

Chandigarh, August 30

The Chandigarh Management Association (CMA) bestowed World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) with excellence award for being best global immigration and resettlement company of the world.

CMA is an apex body that promotes excellence in managerial practices in industry and academics. Pawan Kumar Bansal, cabinet minister for parliamentary affairs and water resources conferred the honor to CMD WWICS group Lt Col. (retd) BS Sabdhu at the CMA’s management meet held on positioning Chandigarh as a world-class city.

WWICS is synonym to the pioneers of Canadian immigration in India. In the last 15 years WWICS has helped around 70, 000 people happily settle in various countries across world like Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

It offers broad portfolio of services from pre-flight to post landing tailored to the needs of individual immigrants. WWICS takes care of each and every aspect of transition of a person wishing to immigrate and diversify.

Lt Col Sandhu said that the company has its presence in 5 continents with 23 offices in India and overseas offices in Canada, Australia, Latin America, UK, Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal and Srilanka.

WWICS is the only company offering comprehensive transition package comprising of immigration, settlement and placement assistance. In order to help immigrants, WWICS also offers special classes in English, French, personality development and basic computer skills for early and successful settlement in these countries.

WWICS has also offered a world-class education in India with setting up of Continental Institute for International Studies (CIIS). CIIS is an extension campus of Georgian College, Canada & Thompson Rivers University, Canada and Red River College, Canada. CIIS has also established tie-up with University of Brighton-UK, AYR College, Scotland and Universal College of Learning, New Zealand.

Continental Institute for Engineering and Technology (CIET) offers Indian engineering programs as well. Students also have option of enrolling themselves for PTU affiliated Indian programs under CIIS Institute Of Science & Technology (CIIS-IST).

Rayat Institute of Management secure cent percent results

Rayat students excel in exam

Ropar, August 30
The students of Rayat Institute of Management (RIM), Railmajra have come out with cent percent results of MBA fourth semester declared by the Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar.
Rayat-Bahra group’s Vice Chairman, Mr. Gurvinder Singh Bahra said that out of 111 students appeared in final year (fourth semester), there are 24 distinctions and 86 first divisions. Student Kriti Avasthi secured first place with 84 percent marks and Shivpreet Kaur bagged second place with 81.10 percent in the college of university examinations.
Mr Bahra added that the RIM has forayed into ventures of student development fields like leadership camps, newspaper reading rooms, book banks, and uniformity in rural development projects, blood donation camps. “These activities contribute towards the curricular development as well as shape persona of an individual,” he asserted.
Bahra revealed that RIM has plans to send students for foreign research collaborations. The present Director of RIM Dr Randhawa has drafted proposals of leadership development programmes for the students.
He praised the managing director Prof C M Bahl, director-principal, Dr. D. S. Randhawa, dedicated faculty and students for their endeavors.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Have knees replaced? Perform ardass, pooja, namaz unhindered

Knee replacement patients will not need separate couch
New knee replacement surgery offers great flexibility

Patiala, August 27

The patients undergoing knee replacement surgery can lead a healthy life by performing their daily ardass, namaz, pooja while sitting crossed legs or squatting, even can perform bhangra/ gidda with full ease or resume their leisure activities like light sports etc.

Rotating Platform Flexknee , the latest substitute of knee, is positioned with minimal invasive surgery and has revolutionized lives of hundreds of patients undergoing knee replacement, said Dr Manuj Wadhwa, the Senior Consultant Orthopedics Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

RPF allows patients to continue with their pre-surgery routine without any hindrance because it gives a bending motion of upto 155 degrees which is a cutting edge over conventional knee replacement which gives a range of 100 – 120 degrees explained Dr Wadhwa.

The minimally invasive knee replacement surgery technique is not only painless and accurate but also reduces the surgery trauma and recovery time. Due to smaller incision there is minimal trauma to the soft tissue, muscles and tendons which results in less blood loss. Even the kneecap does not have to be moved as far to get to the knee joint.

Irrespective of age, the arthritis – leading to knee replacement surgery in many cases – can strike anyone. Many total knee replacement patients are rather young and therefore still in the working process. This surgery offers them same quality of life as that of a healthy person and easy mobility.

He revealed that in USA, with population of mere 300 million, there are annually around 1 million joint replacements, while in India with population of less than 1 billion we have just around 60,000 replacements happening annually.

Due to fear, reluctance for surgery and lack of awareness among Indian patients with advanced arthritis, they take around 8 years to decide for replacement to achieve a better quality of life, while patients from Western world take not more than 3 years for same.

Depicting the healthy lifestyle one can lead even after post knee replacement surgery, around 50 patients today danced to the enjoyment of leading healthy and normal life. Defying the notion that knee replacement patients remain confined to their seats, these patients shook a leg in bhangra with Dr Wadhwa under special meet of Friends of Fortis.

Patients interacted with other people who had undergone therapy or treatment similar to theirs. Dr Wadhwa said this platform helped in communicating positive message (to the patients) that they can have a full and happening life despite having health problems in their past.

The word “arthritis” means joint inflammation. A joint is a point where two or more bones are connected. In a healthy joint, the ends of bones are encased in smooth cartilage. In arthritis this cushioning layer called cartilage is worn out and the movement of this rough surface causes pain and inflammation.

The two most common forms of arthritis- osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are real mysteries of modern medicine or allopathy. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, and the percentage of people who have it grows higher with age. It is more likely to occur in people who are overweight and in those with jobs that stress particular joints. Both men and women have the disease; before age 45 more men than women have osteoarthritis but after 45 it is more common in women.

40- 60% of people above 70 suffer from hip or knee osteoarthritis. 80% of patients with osteoarthritis have some degree of limitation of movement and 25% cannot perform their major daily activities of life in India. About 8-9% (70-80 million approx.) of the adult population in India suffers from some or other form of arthritis and among this osteoarthritis is the commonest.

Simple Namaste can keep you away from swine flu

Follow Indian wisdom, keep swine flu at bay
Follow Indian way, keep swine flu away

Mohali , August 25

During the times of crisis like swine flu, it’s the Indian traditions that can keep you away from the infection. An infectious diseases swine flu has mainly affected people in age group of 10 to 39 years. Most of the infection spreads through physical contact and the best way to keep it at bay is by greeting people with folded hands.

Dr Parvinder Kaur, the attending Consultant & Incharge Emergency Fortis Mohali said this while addressing students at Continental Institute for international studies, today. “No contact means no passing on the infection to a healthy person. Bringing simple behavioral changes can prove yeoman’s job for the community and individual as well,” she said.

She laid emphasis on using tissue to cover sneezes or cough. “If you do not have a tissue, sneeze or cough in your sleeve and when needed wear masks to save yourself as well as others,” she told students.

Responding to students query on importance of personal hygiene, she added that hands should be decontaminated even if they seem to be clean. Hands should be washed as often as one can or after coughing. The best way is to avoid touching common surfaces, thereby limiting any possibility of infection.

Asking students not to panic at minor flu symptoms, Dr Parvinder discouraged them from going in crowded places, if cases have been reported from nearby community. Its better to stay home if you are down with cough and cold and seek medical advice if symptoms worsen.

“The only treatment available is through government approved centers. We should not get carried away with statements of quacks that claim treatment for the disease,” she cautioned. Dr Parvinder assured that a vaccine for the swine flu – an unusual combination of avian, swine and human viruses - was on cards in future.

She said that though swine flu is fastest growing pandemic of the century, its mortality is less than one percent as compared to other flu. In India, 1708 cases have been reported so far and out of these more than 55 percent cases have been cured. Also in our country, swine flu has come across as mild and self-limiting disease till now.

“Interestingly, adults older than 64 years do not yet appear to be at increased risk of novel swine flu related complications thus far in the outbreak, while asthmatics and diabetics are at higher risk of complications,” she said. Pregnancy and obesity remain high risk factors that involve higher mortality.

Rayat-Bahra students shine in PTU results

Rayat-Bahra Biotech students outshine in PTU exams

Kharar, August 21

The students of Rayat - Bahra College of Engineering and Biotechnology for Women, Sahauran brought laurels to the college by securing high percentile marks in the B Tech first semester examination conducted by PTU, Jalandhar in May-2009.

Students Ms. Meenakshi Kapoor, Ms. Radhika Sharma and Ms. Simran Kaur Channa topped in their respective branches ECE, CSE and IT by securing 89%, 87% and 85% marks respectively.

Out of 218 students, ninety of them secured more than 70 percent marks and 25 students secured more than 80 marks.

Students exhibited best result in communication skills with 96 percent overall pass percentage, 93% in FCPIT, 87% in Physics, 75% in Chemistry, 89% in BEEE, 93% in ED and 75% in Mathematics.

Director of the Institute Dr. Piush Verma congratulated parents, teachers and students for their hard work, consistency and determination, which played a vital role in the success.

Vice chairman of Rayat & Bahra Group, Shri. Gurvinder Singh Bahra and managing director, Prof. C M Bahl expressed their happiness and lauded the efforts of students.

Cheema Medical Complex gets empanelled for ECHS

ECHS patients can get benefit at Cheema Medical Complex

Mohali, August 21

Cheema Medical Complex, the pioneer medical institute in this part of country, has got empanelled with the Ex-Servicemen Health Contributory Scheme (ECHS).

The managing director of institute, Dr Ajaiwant Singh Cheema said, “Its is a matter of pride for us to be empanelled with ECHS. This will give us yet another opportunity to serve ex-servicemen in a better manner.”

Cheema Medical Complex has been empanelled for giving services in general medicine, general surgery, ENT, gynecology, pediatrics and orthopedics.

ISO 9001:2000 certified, Cheema Medical Complex, is a 60-bedded tertiary care multi specialty hospital. The premier institute has state-of-the-art infrastructure in its four storey medical complex.

The hospital has an excellent team of specialists. All tertiary care services are provided with utmost professional staff.

Cheema Medical Complex is dedicated to provide the best of services

Laughter riot comes with Meri V Sun Lo

Punjabi comedy Meri V Sun Lo releases
Rib-tickling comedy Meri V Sun Lo released
Manmohan Singh releases Meri V Sun Lo

Chandigarh, August 20:
Meri V Sun Lo, the much-awaited Punjabi movie, is out to release a laugher riot in masses with its unique theme of social life intertwined with paradox of ideas, irony and music.

Based on today’s social life, renowned audio company DH1 has come up with this initiative. Launching the DVD of Meri V Sun Lo, noted director and producer of Hindi and Punjabi film cinema, Manmohan Singh said, “The movie is an apt remark on today’s world that presents hilarious yet thoughtful situation every moment. There is a need for such cinema, which not only entertains but puts across a strong message.”

Darshan Aulakh Productions has produced the rib-tickling comedy in collaboration with D.S. Nijjar (from DH1), while by Rahul Juneja has directed it. Suraj Azad has composed its music and Jaswin Attri presents the film.

Comedy king Rana Ranbir and famous singer Balkar Sidhu were also be present during the release of this comedy film.

Renowned director Darshan Singh Aulakh from Darshan Aulak Productions said that Vakila Mann and Mukesh Gidderbaha have performed lead roles in the movie. “This 60-minutes film covers issues from piracy to obesity to TV serials all in a deft manner,” he added

Besides acting in the move Vakila Mann has lent his voice for title song Meri V Sun Lo with other singers including Sandeep Sandhu and Miss Gagan.

Vakila Mann and Miss Gagan have sung duet “budget ho gaye mehnge, hun ta gona hi chad dena”, which portrays today’s singers life and fight against piracy. Mann has penned this song.
The song phulke do hi change ne comments on potbellied and selfish people. Sandeep Sandhu has sung these lyrics of Darshan Aulakh. This project has deftly made boliyan, an integral part of movie, which comments on today’s TV serials. Lyricist of boliyan is Jagsir Jeeda and singer is Vakila Mann.

Besides songs and boliyan the movie is also full of hilarious skits based on real life of villagers. It takes a pinch on political campaigning during elections, which will send audiences into peels of laughter

Bonds cemented over WWICS luncheon at Canada

Indian food brings people together at WWICS luncheon in Canada
WWICS hosts grand luncheon for clients at Canada

Chandigarh, August 19
In its endeavor to make new immigrants feel at home in Canada, WWICS hosted a grand barbeque luncheon in Canada. New immigrants had sumptuous Indian food amidst people of their own community as well as with the local Member Parliament at The Heart Lake Conservation Area in Brampton.

The venue was packed with a crowd of more than 100 WWICS new immigrants along with their families enjoying the get together occasion with their MP from Brampton - Mr. Gurbax Singh Malhi, who joined them for WWICS barbeque luncheon as the chief guest of event.

Miles away from their native land, Canada is a new country for many new immigrants. The luncheon aspired to infuse feeling of belongingness to area, especially when many new immigrant Indians feel out of place. Mr. Devinder Sandhu, Sr. Director, WWICS Group said that the luncheon was an attempt to help people gel with the local community and throw open a window of acquaintances with locales.

Realizing this need of newly landed immigrants, WWICS Premium Club, Canada an associate of World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services organized this special occasion to provide social networking platform to its people.

“WWICS Premium Club would soon be a place for WWICS family to meet new and old friends, learn about life in Canada and Canadian immigration experience. WWICS Premium Club would help people to network from around world, share experiences and advice, make friends, help new comers in settling in Canada,” said Mr Sandhu.

It was actually another endeavor of WWICS along with Global Placement Services, placement and settlement division of WWICS to strengthen knot with its people, who had sought its services to fly abroad. This time it was not merely another social get-together, but a grand celebration to mark inception of WWICS Premium Club with a special barbeque luncheon.

Organized by WWICS Premium Club, WWICS invited all its esteemed guests to savor the hot skewers and sizzling barbeque. Even kids had a busy time with fulfilled activities like bouncers and slides.

As a part of series of events WWICS organized this luncheon to offer its new immigrants a social platform to connect with fellow people, come together to know each other, network with their groups as well as grow with each other’s support.

“I’m elated with this initiative of WWICS & GPS to bring new immigrants together under one platform. This would not only help them build their own groups, but children will also mingle with native families. This comes as a crucial support to those new immigrants who chose Canada as their new home. This social networking would help them settle and succeed quickly in Canada.” said MP Mr Malhi.

He added that it was indeed an excellent platform to touch heart of millions who’ve realized their ever sought after dream of making Canada their home through WWICS.

Rayat-Bahra inaugurates campus recruitment – B. Tech 2010

Campus recruitment session for B Tech 2010 inaugurated
Rayat-Bahra starts campus recruitment session for B Tech 2010

Chandigarh, August 19

Rayat-Bahra Group of institutes inaugurated its campus recruitment session for B. Tech 2010 with JK Technosoft Ltd, Noida. The joint campus placement got underway with eighty students from Panjab University, Chandigarh and Rayat-Bahra Ropar and Mohali campuses participating in the highly competitive drive.

Continuing the highly successful track record of campus placements, the drive started with Mr. Prince Harjai, Manager of JK Technosoft Ltd, Noida taking the question-answer rounds. He said that selected students will get a package of Rs. 2.20 lacs per annum in the company. Thereafter, Mr. Ravinder Rawat, manager – software development representing the team conducted pre placement talks. This was followed by a 90 minutes technical and aptitude test.

Dr. Sandeep Kaura, AMD, Rayat-Bahra said that Panasonic Corporation and Hamilton Infotech Softwares are in pipeline for B. Tech 2010 and are participating for campus recruitment in the month of August 2009.

He added that global electronics MNC Panasonic Corporation shall be conducting campus process for B.Tech (ECE, CSE & IT) students of only Rayat-Bahra Engineering Campus students on August 22.

Similarly, Hamilton Infotech Softwares, the Global IT MNC will be recruiting students of only Rayat-Bahra Engineering Campus on August 26.

S. Gurvinder Singh Bahra, Vice Chairman, Rayat-Bahra Group said, “There are companies in the market, which are consistently looking forward to hire right kind of talent all round the year. They expect every student to be focused and goal oriented. At Rayat-Bahra placements they get a perfect blend of these.”

JK Technosoft, Noida is a flagship global Software development company of 100 year old prestigious JK Organization, (The owner of JK Tyres, JK Lakshmi Cement, JK Paper, JK Sugar, JK Helen Curtis, Raymonds, Park Avenue, Color Plus, Fenner India, & many more Top Brands), which is virtually into every sector such as cement, automobile tyres and tubes, engineering, plastic processing, agrochemicals, hybrid seeds, cosmetics, audio and video magnetic tapes, power transmission, oil seals, system engineering, electronics, petrochemicals, steel, drugs and pharmaceuticals, food and dairy products, electronics, computer software, power generation, rubber hoses, synthetic fibers, paper and boards, cotton, woolen and jute textiles etc.

Computer navigated joint replacement surgery at Fortis Hospital

Computer navigated joint replacement surgery in Tri-City

Chandigarh, August 18 ( ).

Patients having undergone computer navigated joint-replacement surgery can walk unaided just after three weeks of surgery. Dr Harsimran Singh, (MS, MCH-Ortho) of Fortis Hospital, Mohali and the founder of Orthopilot Navigation center at hospital revealed this while addressing a press conference today.

A trained orthopilot navigation surgeon from Sydney, Australia, Dr Harsimran added that the innovative technique has not only revolutionized joint-replacement surgeries, but have also decreased rehabilitation period of patient.

Post surgery a patient is easily able to walk with in 48 hours with the help of a walker, can climb stairs at two weeks, walk without walker or any stick as early as three weeks and can return to the previous job in four weeks. Even blood loss during surgery is significantly reduced.

He added that knee surgery entails two basic steps including bone cuts and ligament balancing. In conventional joint replacement surgery, surgeons rely on alignment rods to place bone-cutting blocks. The surgeons have to align them visually and hence it leaves larger scope of human error.

“Something that looks like 90 degrees to me can actually be anything between 85 to 95 degrees. As a result, implant remains misaligned to some extent. It can be responsible for residual pain after surgery, prolonged recovery time and early failure of prosthesis,” he added.

On the other hand, a computer assisted knee surgery uses computer software program to calculate angles of knee. Small infrared markers are placed on leg and thighbones and these are picked up by infrared camera attached to a computer. This enables surgeon to place cutting blocks and balance ligaments at an accuracy and precision of tune of 0.1mm variation, he said.

End result is recreation of knee alignment and balance exactly as in a native and healthy knee. This leads to faster recovery and better function. As accuracy level is very high, it also helps in increasing life of implants.

With advent of new technology and improvement in knee replacement product designs, a person undergoing knee replacement can look forward to comfortably fold his legs and sit cross-legged for nit name and pooja.

No independence from inflation in Congress rule

Chandigarh, August 16
It’s been 63 years since India attained its independence, but except for Vajpayee regime, people have not got any respite from inflation.
Congress is responsible for making us slaves to inflation, making even essential commodities out of our reach. Jai Ram Joshi, former president of BJP Chandigarh and senior party leader said this after unfurling the tricolor in Kumahar Colony Maloya, colony number 5, sector 25 and Maulijagran on the occasion of Independence Day.
Coming down heavily on Congress for its failure to control spiraling prices of even food, Joshi said that inflation and Congress are synonyms and the figures and facts testify it.
The BJP leader said that inflation has sky rocketed prices making it difficult for even middle class people to have decent meal. “What would be condition of poor in such a scenario? They are unable to arrange even two square meal a day,” he said.
Joshi added that Congress was least worried about common or poor man as it has always supported corrupt leaders and hoarders who work with self-centered motive. He alleged that Congress and hoarding are solely responsible for inflation.
After this, Joshi also hoisted tricolor at colony number 5, sector 25 and Maulijagran. He propagated message of brotherhood and social symphony in masses. Joshi called upon people to fight against Congress and root it out.
Prominent among others present at the occasion included president of Potters’ Welfare Committee Nand Ram, chairman Sher Singh and secretary Maman.
Block president of colony number 5 Tarsem Garg, senior leader Kali Ram and Charan Singh, sector 25 colony’s senior BJP leader Ram Sundar and Zorawar Singh and Mauli Jagran’s senior leader Ramayan Chauhan were also present.

Kids at Small Wonders School celebrates I-day

Enthusiasm dons I-day celebrations at Small Wonders School
I-day celebrations at Small Wonders School
Mohali, August 13

Students and faculty members of Small Wonders School, Mohali celebrated Independence Day with great fervor and enthusiasm today.

Inter house patriotic group song contest, fancy dress competition, dances and quiz marked the enthusiastic celebrations of the day.

Mr Sandeep Singh, Director, Small Wonders School said that observing such days is not only a day’s job, but requires early preparations and inputs from all quarters including parents, teachers and students.

UKG students started the programme with wonderful prayer song God’s love, is so wonderful.

During the inter house patriotic group song contest, students of Raman House tapped ae mere watan ke logon, tagore House expressed its upbeat patriotic mood with hum honge kamyaab, Gandhi House students encouraged masses to look ahead with Chhoro kal ki beatein and Nehru House sang paeans for the nation with Saare jahan se acha..

Students from class I to class III came dressed as different freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Subhash Chander Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Rani Laxmi Bai etc during fancy dress competition.

The kids of classes I, II and III danced to reverberating beats of Rang de Basanti and some of them also participated in quiz titled my country.

The programme concluded with national anthem.

Patriotic and devotional blend as Ashmah International School

I-day and Janmashtami celebrated at Ashmah International School

Mohali, August 13
The students of Ashmah International School celebrated Independence day and Janmashtami at the school premises today.
Principal Ms. Roopinder Ghuman said that youth are the future of our country. To sensitize young minds towards realization of duties and responsibilities, school authorities decided to celebrate both significant days together.
Students were celebrated Independence Day with thrill, on other side enjoyed Janmashtami with devotion. They were told about significance of Independence day and the way thousands of people laid down their lives so that we can live peacefully.
On the occasion of Janmashtami, they came dressed up as Radha and Krishna, while observing I-day they donned the attires of Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chander Bose, Mahatma Gandhi and filled the atmosphere with patriotic spirit.
Students sang and danced to the tunes of hum hindustani and Aaj radha ko shyam yaad aa gaya. The wonderful blend of patriotism and devotion was worth watching.
Ms. Ghuman added that we must remember our leaders who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and happiness. She also guided children about Lord Krishna’s life and his teachings, which shed light on the realities of life and devotion.

Rayat-Bahra institute conducts mechanical engineering workshop

Three-day faculty development workshop concludes at Rayat-Bahra
Faculty development workshop concludes at Rayat-Bahra

Ropar, August 12

A three-day faculty development workshop on mechanical engineering courses concluded at Rayat Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Railmajra, wherein about 40 mechanical engineering teachers from five engineering colleges of the Group participated.

While addressing the faculty members, Prof. S.C. Bedi, Director of institute highlighted objectives of workshop as upgradation of knowledge of faculty through expert lectures, identifying new areas of research, lesson planning for semester, standardization of course planning and mutual interaction of faculty of all five engineering colleges under the Rayat-Bahra ambit.

Dr. Vijay Jadon, Director, Rayat-Bahra Engineering College for Women, Hoshiarpur and coordinator of the programme described structure of workshop. He acquainted participants with the pattern of three batches envisaged for several lectures, presentations and video shooting of presentations by the participants.

Chief Guest Dr. S.P. Nigam, former Prof. and Head, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, IIIT, Roorkee delivered key note address. A well-established name in the area of noise and vibration, he shared his vast experience with faculty and briefed them about sources of vibration in mechanical systems and explained measures required to control these.

Dr. Nigam extended his talk from vibration to noise and discussed basic concept and research potential of topic to mechanical engineering fraternity.

Another prominent speaker, Dr. Anand Vaz, Professor, Mechanical Engg Department, NIT, Jalandhar, a mechanical engineering luminary with research in field of Robotics and Mechatronics, addressed audience on modeling of dynamic systems. Dr. Vaz exposed faculty to a simplified tool of bond graph to model a generalized physical system and analyzing in dynamic mode.

Group plans to hold more such workshops in other engineering disciplines as a part of Rayat-Bahra initiatives of faculty improvement programmes for enhancement of knowledge.

Varicose veins: Scar less, cut less laser treatment now in tri-city

Painless, scar less, non-invasive surgery for varicose veins
Varicose veins treatment in just one hour

Chandigarh, August 10
Armed with latest updates and innovative technology in treatment of painful varicose veins, the phlebologists at international symposium on venous disorders discussed non-invasive, scar less and painless procedure, which imparts relief from varicose veins.
Dr Ravul Jindal, vascular surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mohali and executive member Venous Association of India apprised doctors attending symposium of latest laser treatment that eliminates varicose veins in just an hour’s time giving complete relief to patient.
While interacting with media after concluding session of international symposium along with foreign delegates, including Prof. Ted King from National Medical Director Vein Clinics of America Chicago, USA and Prof. Jean-Francois UHL Vascular Surgeon, Department of Anatomy, University Paris 5 and Vice President, French Society of Phlebology, Dr Jindal emphasized on making treatment least painful with earliest recovery for a patient.
“Though venous disease is also treated conventional way, it requires hospitalization, 2 to 3 weeks’ recovery time and leaves behind trail of multiple cuts, which are not appealing in cosmetic appearance,” he added.
Dr Jindal has introduced latest laser technology at Fortis Hospital, Mohali. Department of vascular surgery in Fortis treats these veins with modern modality of lasers known as for the first time in the area. Dr Jindal, who has performed over 400 such surgeries in England, will impart this treatment to patients. This is a non-invasive technique offered to patients suffering from varicose veins.
Treatment involves puncture of vein under ultrasound guidance and burning it using diode laser. “This technique is combined with foam sclerotherapy to ablate small veins. It is safe and painless. Patients can return home on same day as compared to conventional surgery where they are hospitalized,” revealed Prof Ted King.
He added that surgery can be performed under local or regional anesthesia and is virtually scarless. As it causes minimal damage to tissues its especially useful in patients who are on blood thinners, obese, groin infection, old age or patients who are scared of surgery.
Patients can return to normal activities within 24 hours except of vigorous exercise. If we calculate the overall cost newer treatment costs less than conventional method.
Earlier in the day, Prof Raj Bahadur, Director-Principal, GMCH inaugurated symposium. Experts delivered lectures on topics of varicose veins.
Prof. Jean-Francois spoke on venous anatomy and physiology, compression therapy and its working and treatment of venous ulcers with reference to ulcer kit.
Prof. Ted King threw light on - does all varicose veins require treatment, newer methods of its treatment and changes from open varicose vein surgery and role of venous wall reconstruction.
To increase awareness about symptoms of varicose veins, Dr Ravul presented different case studies of varicose vein. Prof AK Attri, head department of surgery, Govt Medical College spoke on symptoms and presentation of disease. Prof Suman Kochhar head Radiologist from GMCH spoke on investigation for varicose veins.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cancer treatment: Grecian Hospital becomes only North India hospital to be empaneled with ECHS for Radiation therapy

Grecian Hospital gets empanelled with ECHS for complete cancer treatment

Mohali, August 8, 2009.

The Grecian Hospital, sector 69, Mohali has become the first and only private hospital in North India to be empanelled with Ex-Servicemen Health Contributory Scheme (ECHS) for radiation therapy of cancer patients.

From now onwards, the hospital stands to serve patients under ECHS scheme offering them entire cancer treatment under one roof. This is first and only of its kind in North India.

Grecian hospital has now got empanelled for medical oncology (chemotherapy), surgery, gynae oncology, and cancer pathology along with radiation therapy. The hospital has professionals who are the most qualified in their fields including Mch Surgical Oncology, MD Radiation Oncology, DM Medical Oncology and MD in Onco pathology and Onco radiology.

This is the first hospital to offer organ preserving curative radiation for prostate, spinal cord, brain, breast, head and neck cancers etc. The following treatment is done using IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy).

Earlier, the beneficiaries under ECHS had to approach government hospitals and wait for up to at least a period of three months to get radiation or pay for the service at a very high price from their own pockets to get treatment. 80 percent of cancer patients need radiation therapy in their life span. Grecian Hospital’s empanelment comes has a huge relief for the patients and their kin, who don’t need to run from pillar to post for the treatment.

This hospital has more patients than the government hospitals and having treated over 4300 patients has emerged as a leading cancer hospital. The institute is also empanelled to offer treatment under ECHS to heart patients.

Besides this its empanelled for non invasive and interventional cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery and for all associated specialties including general surgery, medicine, gynecology, plastic surgery, laparoscopic surgery etc.

Varicose veins to be discussed at international symposium in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, August 7
An international symposium to update doctors about advancement in treatment of varicose veins is being held on August 9 at the UT.

Titled as update on varicose vein and chronic venous insufficiency, the Venous Association of India is organizing this event. The purpose is to enlighten the experts and young doctors about vascular diseases a vital area of medical science which has till date remained misunderstood and misrepresented by even the medical fraternity who finds it difficult to differentiate between heart and vascular diseases.
“Around 200 doctors from North India are expected to be a part of this symposium, which will brush knowledge on varicose veins – a commonly found – but not often detected disease,” said Dr. Ravul Jindal, national executive member Venous Association of India and vascular surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.
The international guest faculty including Prof. Jean-Francois UHL, M.D., Vascular Surgeon from Department of Anatomy, University Paris 5. He is also the Vice President, French Society of Phlebology and Prof. Ted King, the National Medical Director, Vein Clinics of America, Chicago, USA.
Indian guest faculty members are Dr. Ravul Jindal senior consultant Vascular Surgery Department Fortis Hospital Chandigarh and Dr PC Gupta senior vascular surgeon Care Hospital Hyderabad.
Dr Ravul Jindal said that the symposium would dwell on different aspects of varicose veins. He said that varicose are bulging veins that are larger than spider veins, typically 3 mm or more in diameter.
These are usually characterized by Aching and heavy legs (often worse at night and after exercise), appearance of spider veins in the affected leg, ankle swelling, dilated bluish bulge under the skin, redness, dryness, and itchiness of areas of skin due to waste products building up in leg. In some people skin above ankle may shrink because fat underneath skin becomes hard. The symptoms also include whitened, irregular scar-like patches can appear at the ankles or patient can have chronic non-healing ulcers
“Varicose veins is a frequently occurring condition with up to 10 % of the women and men getting affected with symptoms of fatigue, pain and swelling of the lower limbs. If you have unattractive, enlarged blue or purple veins on thigh or calf, you may be suffering from varicose veins,” Dr Jindal said
He added that the disease marks indication of a malfunction of venous system and should be evaluated by vascular surgery specialist. This usually affects those who work standing for long hours such as traffic policemen and housewives. Most of the times cause of its occurrence is not known. If not treated early this can result in chronic venous insufficiency.
Dr Jindal said that even though disease is not life threatening it can be debilitating, if not treated at proper stage. Patient at later stage can present with very painful ulcers that take long time to manage. Common misconceptions like varicose veins cannot be treated or they reoccur in every patient needs to be corrected. If the disease is not properly evaluated and operated by an inexperienced surgeon, chances of reoccurrence of varicose vein will be higher.
For any clarifications, Pl feel free to contact Vineet Joshi, Trivani Media at 9417178978, 9316120768

To download press release please log on to and download the file titled as 7-8-9 English Release – Press Conf. of Dr Ravul Jindal in Chandigarh.

Rakhi making activity held at Small Wonder School

Mohali, August 3

The thread of love and bond, rakhi, found new dimensions with little hands mastering the art of making them at Small Wonders School

Children from play way students to class III basked in the fun of churning out rakhi threads at the school campus today. The children had a busy schedule making rakhi out of kundan, zardosi, resham (silk), beads, glitters and net. Favorite cartoon characters of children like Tweety, Ben 10, Tom & Jerry, Pooh etc came to life on the tiny rakhis.

Director of the school, Sandeep Singh said that the instead of filling the rakshabandhan celebrations with usual rakhi tying ritual, the school authorities went a step ahead and decided to make children churn out rakhi.

“It was an attempt to make boys realize the importance of sacred thread and responsibility in brings, for girls it was the happiest hour making rakhi for their loving brothers. This was one of many attempts of school to make children learn while they play,” he added.

Sandeep Singh added that school will continue making such an efforts in future that would teach children, entertain them as well as give an edge to their creative minds.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

2.8 kg tumor removed at Cheema Medical Complex

Cheema Hospital docs remove 2.8 kg tumor

Mohali, August 1

The doctors at Cheema Medical Complex removed 2.8 kg tumor from the uterus of a 45-years-old patient relieving her from painful menstruation and heavy bleeding during periods.

Dr Parampreet Ghuman, Head of gynecology department at Cheema Medical Complex successfully operated the patient after a three hours long surgery. Dr Ghuman said that the patient was in great pain and difficulty for past three years. “The tumor in her uterus was the size corresponding to 28 weeks (seven months) pregnant uterus patient. She had increased urinary frequency and suffered from occasional vomiting and indigestion,” Dr Ghuman added.

Dr Ajiwant Cheema, Director, Cheema Medical Complex said that the surgery was very complex because of the large size of uterus and adjoining big vessels. The patient has had a smooth recovery.

Dr Cheema said that at Cheema Medical Complex doctors are committed to providing the best of medical health care and facilities. Patients get the best of nursing care and medical consultation.

He said that ailments, where surgery is needed, should not be postponed for long. “Delaying the surgery can lead to complications. Patients should immediately seek doctor’s advice and act accordingly,” he added.

Faculty development workshop concludes at Rayat-Bahra

Lecturers kept abreast with innovative techniques at Rayat-Bahra
70 faculty members attend faculty development workshop at Rayat-Bahra

Mohali, August 1

The Rayat and Bahra College of Engineering and Bio Technology for Women held faculty development workshop for the faculty members of its constituent institutions of group and other invited delegates from various colleges. Nearly, 70 faculty members and 11 delegates of ECE, ELE & BME disciplines attended the workshop.

Managing Director of Group Prof. C.M. Bahl delivered keynote address and highlighted need of conducting faculty development workshops at regular intervals. Speakers at the occasion stressed on making education more of a practical oriented for students and suggested ways to invoke interest in particular subjects.

Dr. Piyush Verma welcomed all the delegates and in inaugural speech spoke on importance imparting knowledge to lecturers, make them aware of state of art methods and deliver expert lectures in classes.

Dr. Ramesh Garg, HOD (Electrical and Communication Department) from IIT Kharagpur, gave an insight into innovative techniques in teaching microwave engineering. He dwelt on division of syllabi in a way that is easy for students to understand. He took examples and divided them into targets required-to-be-achieved by student on daily basis.

Dr. P.K. Tulsi Professor and Head of Education, NITTTR signified importance of interaction with students during lecture to keep them allured. She also pointed out common mistakes in body language of lecturers while teaching and their effects on students.

Dr. S.S. Patnaik, HOD (Electronics and Communication Department), NITTTR, suggested methods to make subject antenna and wave propagation interesting. He demonstrated influence of media methods on understanding of subject and highlighted importance of intriguing methods of teaching such as presentations and videos for students, which make them more inquisitive of subject offered.

Dr. Rajesh Khanna Associate Professor (Electronics and Communication) from TIET, Patiala, spoke on analog electronics, which is not very popular subject and said that engineering mathematics be revised before beginning actual subject. “This not only refreshes concepts for students, but also helps them understand subject better and not treat as a dread throughout engineering career,” he said suggesting that students be taken to local radio station or on educational trips to inculcate interest.

Dr. P.K.Sharma, HOD (Electronics and Instrumentation) from Rayat-Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology also spoke on the same subject. He suggested that lecturers should not only ask students to make assignments and projects, instead they should themselves make projects so that shortcomings and issues arising out of it can be known.

Brigadier J.K Sharma HOD (Electronics and Communication Engineering) from Rayat - Bahra Institute of Engineering and Technology, delivered presentation on satellite communication stressing on need of complete knowledge of subject before delivering lecture.

Dr. Anita Gupta, Assistant Professor (bio medical engineering) from Rayat -Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology delivered presentation on sensors used in bio medical engineering. She recommended use of actual sensors like blood pressure machine to be used in class to demonstrate usage of sensors.

NRIs of Canada to Honour Chnadigarh Journalist Baljit Balli

Life Time achievment award for Contribution in Punjabi Media

Chandigarh July 31-NRIs of Canada have decided to honour Mr Baljit Balli, Chief News Reporter , Ajit Group for his contribution to Punjabi Media , Punjabi Language and Culture. Pro Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation Canada have announced Life Time Achievement Award for Mr Balli for year 2009 . The award will be confered on Aug .2,2009 in Surrey , British Columbia . He has been invited to the 14 th annual function of the Foundation called “ Mela Gaddri Babian Da”.It may be recalled that Mr Balli’s weekly column Tirchhinazar has been widely read and it is a very popular in NRI s of Canada and some other countries.

According to the a press release issued by the President of the Foundation Mr Sahib Thind , near 5o thousand people are expected to participate in this Mela.He said this year the mela will be dedicated to the the “Kama Gata Maru Tragedy of 1914 .” According to Jasbir singh Sandhu , the spokesperson of the foundation, prominent NRI M .P s MLAs and Punjabi folk singers will also attend the function.

Entrepreneurship gets new name – Fountainhead School of Business

Chandigarh, July 30
The entrepreneurship skills have got a new name with Fountainhead MBA, which is among very few entrepreneurship development institutions of India.
One of its kind institutes in north India, the Fountainhead MBA is dedicated almost exclusively to entrepreneurship development. Its director Mr Mohit Bansal, an entrepreneur himself, is an alumnus of Symbiosis International University and brings with him a variety of experience from corporate & business sectors.
The institute offers two courses with complete focus on entrepreneurship development and specializations of “New Venture Creation” and “Family Business Management”, in addition to specializations of Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, Operations & International Business. It offers MBA with IPGP (industry integrated post graduate program) and MBA with PGP (post graduate program). The duration of both these courses is two years.
Through these industry-oriented courses, the student is put on a guaranteed internship from the day he or she joins MBA and starts earning a stipend. Pupil also ends up gaining experience by the end of course.
Impetus of these courses is on entrepreneurship development and giving students opportunity to set up their own venture. Going a step ahead, in order to insure safe future, the students are also offered funding assistance through yearly business plan contest, Mr Bansal added. The USP of institute remains its strong support from business and corporate sector and has faculty from top institutes.
While cost incurred on IPGP is Rs. 75,000 per semester (Total Rs. 3.00 Lacs), that incurred on PGP is Rs. 37,500/- per semester (Total Rs. 1.50 Lacs).
Institute also offers scholarship scheme upto Rs 2.50 lac per student and test for the same will be held on Sunday, August 9th.
Prospective candidate can visit the institute’s website for details of eligibility criteria and the selection procedure. Last date to apply for the courses is August 7th, 2009.

Ashmah School celebrates Teej

Mohali July 30
Ashmah International School celebrated the monsoon festival teej with fervor and enthusiasm today.

In its effort to promote rich cultural heritage of north during Teej celebrations, the school held a function. Children beamed with joy and had great fun while enjoying water activities to beat the heat.

The students were given fun time under the fountain and a special poolside party marked the occasion. Dressed in colorful swimsuits children enjoyed fun filled games.

The Teej celebrations included ride on swings; games and mehendi applying on their hands. Cultural show added life to the colorful atmosphere. Even the menu of day included monsoon special pakoras, puris, and kheer etc, which parents had sent in tiffins. School distributed Mangoes and malpuras amongst students. In the mid way of party it started adding to the fun and frolic.

Principal Mrs. Roopinder Ghuman addressed the children and told them about rainy season and how to take care of our surroundings and us during monsoons. She also told about importance of rains for crops and nature. Everyone enjoyed each moment of the day.

Bank of Baroda celebrated its 101st Founders’ day

Chandigarh, July 28. The staff members and their families celebrated 101st Founders’ day of Bank of Baroda.

Deputy General Manager Mr. PT Bhutani said that established on July 20, 1908 by the Maharaja of Baroda a princely State of British India Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad, Bank of Baroda has come along way from being housed into small building to having its presence felt in 25 countries with 2690 branches. It has 76 branches/ offices internationally and its associate in Zambia has 11 branches.

The bank is opening 55 new branches and 6 extra countries upgraded into branches on Foundation Day this year. “Maharaja, with a paid up capital of Rs. 10 lac, established Bank of Baroda under the rules of companies Act-1897. Today the bank feels pride in serving financial products to the national and international population,” he added.

Deputy G.M. Mr. PT Bhutani inaugurated the jubilations by lightning a lamp. Celebrations on the occasion saw a riot of colorful presentations. CGM KK Batra presented ghazal Baat nikle gi to dur tak jayege leaving audience mesmerized. Kamaljit Singh sung Sawan ko aane do, while Priyanka presented. Employees enacted a small skit, bhangra, giddha, while kids presented western dances. A mimicry play topped all the celebrations. AGM Mr. SK Goel delivered a vote of thanks.