Saturday, August 1, 2009

2.8 kg tumor removed at Cheema Medical Complex

Cheema Hospital docs remove 2.8 kg tumor

Mohali, August 1

The doctors at Cheema Medical Complex removed 2.8 kg tumor from the uterus of a 45-years-old patient relieving her from painful menstruation and heavy bleeding during periods.

Dr Parampreet Ghuman, Head of gynecology department at Cheema Medical Complex successfully operated the patient after a three hours long surgery. Dr Ghuman said that the patient was in great pain and difficulty for past three years. “The tumor in her uterus was the size corresponding to 28 weeks (seven months) pregnant uterus patient. She had increased urinary frequency and suffered from occasional vomiting and indigestion,” Dr Ghuman added.

Dr Ajiwant Cheema, Director, Cheema Medical Complex said that the surgery was very complex because of the large size of uterus and adjoining big vessels. The patient has had a smooth recovery.

Dr Cheema said that at Cheema Medical Complex doctors are committed to providing the best of medical health care and facilities. Patients get the best of nursing care and medical consultation.

He said that ailments, where surgery is needed, should not be postponed for long. “Delaying the surgery can lead to complications. Patients should immediately seek doctor’s advice and act accordingly,” he added.

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