Saturday, August 1, 2009

Faculty development workshop concludes at Rayat-Bahra

Lecturers kept abreast with innovative techniques at Rayat-Bahra
70 faculty members attend faculty development workshop at Rayat-Bahra

Mohali, August 1

The Rayat and Bahra College of Engineering and Bio Technology for Women held faculty development workshop for the faculty members of its constituent institutions of group and other invited delegates from various colleges. Nearly, 70 faculty members and 11 delegates of ECE, ELE & BME disciplines attended the workshop.

Managing Director of Group Prof. C.M. Bahl delivered keynote address and highlighted need of conducting faculty development workshops at regular intervals. Speakers at the occasion stressed on making education more of a practical oriented for students and suggested ways to invoke interest in particular subjects.

Dr. Piyush Verma welcomed all the delegates and in inaugural speech spoke on importance imparting knowledge to lecturers, make them aware of state of art methods and deliver expert lectures in classes.

Dr. Ramesh Garg, HOD (Electrical and Communication Department) from IIT Kharagpur, gave an insight into innovative techniques in teaching microwave engineering. He dwelt on division of syllabi in a way that is easy for students to understand. He took examples and divided them into targets required-to-be-achieved by student on daily basis.

Dr. P.K. Tulsi Professor and Head of Education, NITTTR signified importance of interaction with students during lecture to keep them allured. She also pointed out common mistakes in body language of lecturers while teaching and their effects on students.

Dr. S.S. Patnaik, HOD (Electronics and Communication Department), NITTTR, suggested methods to make subject antenna and wave propagation interesting. He demonstrated influence of media methods on understanding of subject and highlighted importance of intriguing methods of teaching such as presentations and videos for students, which make them more inquisitive of subject offered.

Dr. Rajesh Khanna Associate Professor (Electronics and Communication) from TIET, Patiala, spoke on analog electronics, which is not very popular subject and said that engineering mathematics be revised before beginning actual subject. “This not only refreshes concepts for students, but also helps them understand subject better and not treat as a dread throughout engineering career,” he said suggesting that students be taken to local radio station or on educational trips to inculcate interest.

Dr. P.K.Sharma, HOD (Electronics and Instrumentation) from Rayat-Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology also spoke on the same subject. He suggested that lecturers should not only ask students to make assignments and projects, instead they should themselves make projects so that shortcomings and issues arising out of it can be known.

Brigadier J.K Sharma HOD (Electronics and Communication Engineering) from Rayat - Bahra Institute of Engineering and Technology, delivered presentation on satellite communication stressing on need of complete knowledge of subject before delivering lecture.

Dr. Anita Gupta, Assistant Professor (bio medical engineering) from Rayat -Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology delivered presentation on sensors used in bio medical engineering. She recommended use of actual sensors like blood pressure machine to be used in class to demonstrate usage of sensors.

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