Sunday, March 29, 2009

Annual management fest Spraddha 09 spellbound every body

Banur, March 29: A remarkable day of extraordinary glitz and glamour showcased in a theme based fashion show was witnessed during Spraddha 09, the management fest organised by Dr IT Group of institutes, Banur here today. Revolving around the theme of encouraging creativity and innovation all the way, Spradha 09 offered a rather spectacular display of talent, style, fashion and skills on part of participants.

Inaugurated by Mrs Nishtha Jaswal, Dean Student Welfare, Panjab University, the management fest was equally exciting with a host of management events and a rich feat of cultural events. Several other institutes participated in the day long fest.

Even as Gagan Gulati from Dr IT Institute of Management and Deetika from Chanakya bagged Mr Spradha and Miss Spraddha titles after a scintillating display during the fashion show, Nitin Sharma And Silki walked away with Best Male and Female Model titles after a heart throbbing contest featuring scores of models sashaying down the ramp.

Dazzling performances on ramp by spirited models was matched by cultural extravaganza which featured sizzling dance event titled Dance Pe Chance. However, the element of humour and laughter was lent by parody show Indian Idle which had the contest for choosing the worst singing team from amongst participants. The contestants obliged with equally pathetic performances which were aplenty.

Management games again provided keen contests in events as Super Marketer, Rapid Fire, Business Bazigar, Kaun Banega Corporate Guru, Defend ‘n’ Attack (Block ‘n’ Tackle), and Guess who am I .

Speaking on the occasion Ms Deepti Batra, CEO, Dr I T Group of Institutes said that an inter institute fest like not only helps students and institutes come closer but offer a chance to showcase talent on a broader forum. The success of Spraddha 09 in showcasing fashion related talent in a decent manner is a matter of pride for all organising team members who have laboured to make the fest a huge success added Ms Batra.

Thursday, March 26, 2009



Chandigarh, March 26: Corporate India is spending more on energy conservation, to cut the cost of production and to meet the challenge of competitiveness in the post meltdown era of economic recession.
This was disclosed by Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), while delivering keynote address at a 'Conference of Designated Consumers, Energy Auditors and Energy Managers' organized here by Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA). Mr. Mathur said that energy conserved by each Industry was acting as a revenue multiplier and in times to come cost of energy saved could also exceed the cost of energy consumed. This can lead to a surprising phenomenon when energy cost instead of being reflected in expenditure side of balance sheet would be projected on income and revenue side.
Urging the public to use certified energy efficient electrical gadgets and equipments with five stars BEE ranking, Mr. Mathur said that world was heading towards unprecedented energy crises if we continue to consume energy at present rate. He said that keeping in view present energy requirement; India would require 2.5 times more power after 20 years. He said that as generation of more power would lead to more pollution and resultant problems of global warming, it was imperative for all of us to make concerted efforts to conserve energy for the future generations. Dr. Mathur said that there was a potential of saving 20000 MW of electricity that could help to reduce the peak load demand which was presently over 15%.He also mentioned about the various other schemes of the BEE namely Bachat Lamp Yojna, Energy Conservation Building Code and Agriculture and Municipal DSM.
Speaking on the occasion Mr.Viswajeet Khanna, Secretary, Science, Technology and Environment expressed concern over fast depleting fossil fuel resources in the world. He said that it was surprising that 60 % of fossil fuels generated by the earth during last 2 billion years have already been consumed by us in last 200 years. Projecting a grim scenario of the dark future, Mr. Khanna said that with present rate of consumption, we have petrol left for coming 43 years and coal reserves for 407 years. He said that with 20 billions tonnes of Carbon Dioxide being generated in the air, our future generation was heading towards difficult times.
Mr. T.P.S.Sidhu, Chief Executive, PEDA, gave over view about the PEDA’s activities in the energy conservation sector and welcomed the participants. He mentioned about the various demonstration projects initiated by PEDA in the municipal street lighting, PWD buildings, water pumping etc.
Other speakers presented paper on various policy and regulatory measures regarding energy conservation. The other speakers were Commodore Narindera Singh, former Advisor, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt.of India, Sh.Dalip Singh, President, SEEM, Delhi, Sh.Pradeep Dhingra, General Secretary, SEEM, Punjab Chappter and Sh. Balour Singh, Director, PEDA.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Renowned UK surgeon performs complex child heart surgeries
Complex heart procedures performed upon children by UK surgeon Pankaj Mankad

MP Khanna felicitates UK surgeon for performing complex child heart surgeries

Complex child heart surgeries by UK surgeon at Grecian Hospital
Surgeries on 3 children performed by UK surgeon at Grecian Hospital

Mohali, March 24: Grecian super-specialty hospital, Mohali has achieved a yet another major feat by performing three major child heart surgeries involving complex congenital heart diseases. The surgeries involving tricuspid Atresia, total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage and double valve replacement were conducted by eminent cardiac surgeon from Edinburgh, Scotland, Dr Pankaj Mankad. Accredited with performing over 3500 complex child heart surgeries, the UK based heart surgeon Dr. Pankaj Mankad successfully performed the procedures upon the three children who were diagnosed with the congenital disorders at Grecian Hospital.

Shri Avinash Rai Khanna, MP, felicitated Dr Mankad and expressed his gratitude for making these rare surgeries on the needy and underprivileged kids a reality by coming all the way from UK. Khanna also thanked Dr Samra and Grecian Hospital for always being supportive in providing whatever huge concessions to such needy children. He further appreciated efforts of Grecian Hospital and Dr Samra who have brought child heart surgeries to this level of prominence by launching a campaign of sorts involving world renowned experts. It may be recalled here that dozens of kids brought by Khanna from his constituency have been treated earlier at Grecian Hospital with subsidies ranging up to complete waivers to extremely poor kids.

Dr Samra declared that Dr Pankaj Mankad would be available at Grecian Hospital for surgeries in future as part of Grecian Hospital’s ‘Complex Child Heart Surgery’ programme which will be a running campaign by the hospital. Dr Samra added that the complex surgeries conducted now by Dr Pankaj had been refused by even some advanced cardiac centers owning to their complex nature and expertise involved. However, Dr Pankaj Mankad, supported by Grecian surgeons successfully pulled through complex heart surgeries. While interacting with media 55 year old surgeon Dr Mankad said that the operating upon underprivileged and poor patients was a satisfying experience for him who looked forward to work with the Grecian team in future as well.

Dr Mankad wished to contribute more towards development of advanced super specialties in Indian health care sector. As the incidence of congenital heart defects, which are structural problems with heart during birth, is increasing, the disorders vary both in terms of variety and severity, informed Dr Mankad. With over 2.5 lakh children being born every year with congenital heart disorders of one or the other kind, not more than 5% of cases of them are treated in India and that makes it amongst the top five causes of child mortality in India. The proportion and scale of the problem needs to be addressed to only by way of aggressively developing capacities and expertise for treatment of such disorders added Dr Samra. Here the role of Grecian Hospital can simply not be understated as the motto of ‘Affordable quality healthcare for all’ by way of special drives simple needs to be appreciated, said Dr Mankad.

Monday, March 23, 2009

33 year old Brazilian treated for nasal polyps at Cheema Medical Complex

Mohali, March 23: Even as medical tourism in the country has picked up faster than anticipated, the multi billion industry is now attracting foreigners and overseas patients to advanced Indian medical specialty centers more than ever before. The latest testimony to this fact is the operation of a 33 year old Brazilian female patient Elaine Baldoino at Cheema Medical Complex, Mohali which was conducted remarkably successfully recently.
Operated upon for Nasal Polyps, Elaine Baldoino, who came to India along with her mother Catarine Baldoino for the treatment termed her stay and treatment at Mohali hospital as highly satisfying an experience.
While sharing details of the operation with media here today Dr Ajaiwant Cheema, Director, Cheema Medical Complex, Mohali said that Elaine and her mother opted to undergo surgery through their careful selection of CMC after visiting many hospitals in Chandigarh and Mohali. Even as the duo was slated to come to India and Chandigarh for a visit otherwise, having treatment done for Nasal Polyps sounded a good option. With most affordable tertiary care available, Cheema Medical Complex was their obvious choice, said Dr Cheema.
Further Dr Sartaj Buttar, M.S. (ENT), Cheema Medical Complex who operated upon Elaine said a number of patients have been coming to Cheema Medical Complex for treatment from overseas. Elaine and here mother too found the ambience and staff too friendly, dedicated and professional.
Dr Cheema said that Cheema Medical Complex is taking overseas patients in a number of specialty departments including ENT, orthopedics and plastic surgery. While knee joint replacement and hip joint replacement at CMC are finding favor amongst foreigners, cosmetic and plastic surgery is again very popular. Liposuction, tummy tuck and facial surgeries are also being done in fairly large numbers, added Dr Cheema. Mohali is being considered as a favorable medical destination for patients who are approaching from as far as UK, South America and certain African nationalities. Affordability and cost effectiveness of cities like Mohali where hospitals offer far better packages make them highly competitive over metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi, remarked Dr Cheema.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Teachers take lessons in creative craft at Kundan International workshop

Teachers take lessons in creative craft at Kundan International workshop
Creative craft workshop for teachers of Kundan International

Chandigarh, March 21: A workshop on creative craft organized here today for the faculty of Kundan International School, Sector 46 accosted the teachers with fresh ideas and concepts in teaching with focus upon creativity and innovation. The three hour long workshop on creative craft which was aimed at developing and honing creative skill sets amongst teachers for effective instruction was attended by over 15 teachers who took lessons in various craft activities like moulding, glass painting, finger painting and utility of modern teaching techniques. The workshop was organised in association with Pidilite.
The workshop emphasized upon enhancement of skills amongst teachers who are themselves supposed to instill a fresh and modern outlook amongst pupils. Teachers were imparted training in different techniques of clay moulding to make permanent articles( to be used later as teaching aides to create 3D stories), use of finger paints, powder colours, preparation of fabric puppets, printed handkerchiefs, cardboard crowns and glass painting.
As the young students are being increasingly exposed to such crafts and skills which can be best learnt only if the instructors are practically equipped to deal with nuances of these skills, it was envisaged to have a dedicated workshop for the teachers who are dealing with such subjects, remarked Ms Divya Bhatia, Principal, Kundan International School.
Teachers thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hour session which not only enabled them with different skill sets but also accorded an opportunity to display the learnt skills. Teachers made different animal forms and shapes from clay and other material and arranged them as bigger projects as part of practical exercise during the workshop.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Peripheral Arterial Diseases pose wider challenge

Peripheral Arterial Diseases pose wider challenge
Specialized vascular surgeons exhort caution and timely decision

Fighting peripheral arterial diseases
Experts advise caution and surgery as effective modes

Ambala, March 18. Vascular diseases termed as Peripheral Arterial Disease or P.A.D is increasingly becoming a major concern area for vascular surgeons worldwide. Developed as a speciality discipline since 1960s and 1970s by San Francisco based Surgeon Edwin Wylie, vascular surgery is becoming more relevant with larger number of patients above the age of 50 years becoming afflicted with one or the other arterial or vascular disorder. Though the world celebrates ‘Vascular Day’ on August 6, still very few people actually realize and acknowledge the seriousness of the disease which is potentially fatal if not treated well in time. With the increasing incidence of Diabetes in our country the incidence of PVD is bound to rise in the time to come.

Opines Dr Ravul Jindal, Vascular and Endovascular Consultant with Fortis Hospital, Mohali, that largely seen associated with phenomenon of aging, vascular disorders like P.A.D are more serious than they normally appear. Often unknown and unrecognized by individuals as a disease, P.A.D happens usually because of blockage or clogging of arteries taking blood out of heart to other body areas. More commonly seen in legs, the normal symptoms of P.A.D include pain, tiredness, fatigue in leg, thighs and buttocks while moving. Such symptoms, termed as ‘claudication’, disappear with rest while other symptoms such as ulcers and wounds in toe and pain in foot while asleep are normally underestimated.

Dr Jindal who has received advanced training in vascular surgical procedures from St Mary’s Hospital, London adds that people suffering from P.A.D run two to six times greater risk of dying from heart attack or stroke as compared to others. Smokers, diabetics, people with high blood pressure and family history are more vulnerable. Cautions Dr Jindal, P.A.D or diseases of arteries or veins can potentially cause a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular complication if not treated in time. Amputation of limbs like legs due to blockage of circulation is another nightmare which looms large over any advanced stage P.A.D patient. P.A.D happens normally in form of attacks like a leg attack just like a heart attack whereby the limb is rendered waste due to blockage or stoppage of blood circulation. Timely detection and treatment through surgery or angioplasty can help avoid drastic steps like surgical amputation. Most of these amputations can be prevented if the patient receives early intervention in form of proper medical and vascular surgery treatment.

While prevention and life style changes leading to a healthy circulation of blood from heart to various body parts and vice versa is the best way to avoid arterial or vascular diseases, administration of anti clogging or antiplatelet drugs and specialized vascular surgery with minimally invasive catheter procedures are advanced treatments for P.A.D. Lowering blood pressure, LDL (Bad Cholestrol) levels, managing blood glucose and regular exercises, suggests Dr Jindal, are best ways to prevent P.A.D. Even as very few specialized vascular surgeons are available for vascular surgery in our country which has developed as an advanced specialized treatment from normal and cardiovascular surgery, still experts feel that prevention and precaution are effective ways to deal with arterial diseases.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Revolutionary laser therapy for hair loss now in India

Revolutionary laser therapy for hair loss now in India
Hair restoration industry set for quantum leap
Canadian firm to bring laser based hair loss therapy in India

Chandigarh, March 15: Hair loss treatment is all set for a revolution of sorts with the introduction of latest Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) clinical system. Being introduced in India for the first time ever by Canada based Medicom Lasers International Inc, LLLT clinical laser system which is manufactured by Sunetics International Inc, the world renowned and acknowledged leader in hair restoration industry, is considered an effective, non invasive and non chemical hair loss treatment therapy that will give quantum leap to the prevalent hair restoration treatment options available presently in India.

While addressing a joint press conference to unveil the revolutionary new clinical laser system Swaran Sandhu, Tony Bhullar and Parminder Gill all Directors of Medicom Lasers International introduced the system to media persons. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is one of the most exciting options in hair loss treatment which is painless and woundless approach which uses low intensity lasers which are delivered by a devise containing panels of lasers which shine on scalp. Without any burning or heat sensation, a scalp tingling sensation is all that patients may feel during the phototherapy which is administered even as patients read out magazines while undergoing treatment. Soon to be available in Indian hospitals and clinical facilities, LLLT involves penetration of laser into scalp tissue layers upto 4 mm depth where follicles reside. The therapeutic light energy is well absorbed by the cells and process of cell repair begins.

LLLT works through stimulation of energy at the cellular level, improvement of cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and micro circulation which has been clinically and scientifically proven to have stopped hair loss in 85% cases and stimulating new hair growth in 55% cases, added Swaran Sandhu. “The beauty of this technology is that it affords the whole scalp the ability to absorb the laser energy at the depth of penetration (4mm) where the follicle resides optimally using. We use the optimal wavelength and power to pentrate the scalp surface to make the laser energy available to the cells where they need it the most, in the follicle."
While demonstrating the device to media persons Swaran Sandhu further detailed the working of LLLT device which focuses laser energy on maximum area of scalp during the treatment. The open air hooded design along with proprietary laser pattern has been specifically shaped to give maximum and full laser exposure to the scalp through 107 true laser diodes which create a solid energy field upon whole of the scalp, informed Sandhu.

Laser treatment which has proved to be an effective therapy for hair loss for decades in Europe, US, Canada and Far east countries is set to catch up fast in India with LLLT which is ideal for men and women with hereditary hair loss pattern and medication associated hair loss like from chemotherapy. Medicom Lasers informed Tony Bhullar, is already running over half a dozen clinical labs in Canada which is using LLLT as an effective therapy. We hope to cater to an ever growing number of hair loss patients in India who will find low level laser therapy as ideal mode of treatment for them. Sunetic products are manufactured under strict quality assurance guidelines of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) with certification by independent labs for compliance with both the CE and UL 60601 standards for medical equipment added Bhullar.

AIDS Awareness workshop at WWICS

AIDS Awareness workshop at WWICS

Mohali, March 13: A one-day workshop on AIDS Awareness was organized by WWICS in association with Fortis Hospital and TriCity Calling Magazine, at WWICS Head Quarters here today.
In his welcome address, Col. B.S. Sandhu, CMD WWICS enumerated ways for creating mass awareness about HIV/AIDS particularly in urban areas. The awareness programs and extensive interactions would go a long way in motivating masses to adopt preventive measures for keeping a check on the spread of this dreaded disease. Dr.G.Munjal-Editor-Tri City Calling, Dr Anita Sharma, Head, Lab Medicine, Fortis Hospital Mohali, Dr Manmeet Mann, Media & Communications, Fortis Hospital Mohali imparted expert guidance.

Dr Anita Sharma, from Fortis Hospital said, “Infection with HIV is occurring in all continents, but the major foci are in Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America and South & South East Asia.

She added that “HIV leads to AIDS, a major public health problem, which is likely to grow in future. The virus can be transmitted by sexual contact, sharing of infected needles in Intravenous drug users, administration of infected blood, and from infected mothers to their infants. It is primarily a disease involving young people due to its sexual mode of transmission .Consequently it has very grave implications not only for the persons affected but also for the nation’s economy as the most productive years in one’s life are lost due to the disease”.

Dr Kamal Dua, Lab Medicine, Fortis Hospital opined that “the disease is also associated with a lot of social stigma & discrimination that makes it difficult for people to live with this disease. In developing countries there is another aspect to this epidemic called as feminization of the epidemic where women are the silent sufferers due to the low status accorded to women in the society.”

She added that “the disease is totally preventable. Also a person with HIV can live a normal productive life with the help of medicines & care & support of family & friends. The need of the hour is to become aware and educated about the disease, the risk factors associated with it, behavior that promotes its spread and various myths & misconceptions associated with it. By spreading the word about the virus and empowering people with the knowledge about the disease & its prevention, the epidemic can not only be stabilized but controlled also.”

More that 200 CIIS students and 100 WWICS employees participated in AIDS Awreness Slogan Competition as well as the Quiz conducted by the doctor in the workshop.

Coping with old age depression

Managing stress among elderly
Managing depression at old age
Coping with old age depression

Mohali, March 12: Coping with old age depression is a particular challenge for elderly individuals. Especially in situations when materialism and market driven set of social circumstances are driving individuals to unbearable levels of depression, partly because of loneliness and partially because of other variables. However, identifying and managing depression at old age is very much possible, opines experts who offer a carefully studied guide to monitor and regulate depressive tendencies amongst elderly.

Dr Kiran Bala, Consultant Psychiatrist, Cheema Medical Complex, Mohali terms the recent suicide by senior citizens in the tri-city as a classic cases of how unaddressed mental state can play havoc with human life. The latest incident that actually sent shock waves amongst the tricity elderly and some how rekindle the deep hidden fears of many others sharing the same profile must be a catalyst to introspect, asserts Dr Kiran Bala.

Loneliness in elderly is a potent cause of extremely depressing state of mind even if such extreme steps are not resorted to by depressed individuals. Society and people around such elderly can and shall make crucial difference just as elderly themselves need to be properly informed, adds Dr Bala.

Depression emanating from death of a spouse, medical problems and bereavement are usually the trigger points for such mental states which grow into terminally suicidal tendencies. Sadness, fatigue, loosing interest in hobbies and pastimes further accentuate in form of weight loss, appetite loss, sleeping disorders and loss of self esteem. All these symptomize the suicidal tendencies which may or may not take place but can be considerably propelled by isolation, fears, reduced sense of purpose and medical problems, feels Dr Bala who offers some vital tips to safeguard against the obvious perils in old age.

Socializing, staying connected to others, cultivating hobbies and nurturing pastimes form a quintessential part of mental well being amongst elderly. Exercising, learning new skills, scheduling regular social interactions and taking medical care are some vital aspects which must not be ignored by the elderly and the people surrounding them.

However, exhort Dr Bala that higher degrees of depression can be taken care of by anti depressants, a situation that needs medical and expert intervention to medically guide individuals and their families. Experts believe that supportive counseling by psychologists may have far reaching impact upon depressed persons as compared to anti depressants which are not effective in majority of cases. Of course, side effects and safety concerns of these drugs are again an issue, feels Dr Bala. While psychotherapy helps people work through stressful life changes, heal from losses, and process difficult emotions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps people change negative thinking patterns and develop better coping skills, concludes Dr Bala.

Annual Prize distribution function at Ashmah International

Eventful Annual Prize distribution function at Ashmah International
Scintillating show marks annual prize distribution function at Ashmah International
Spectacular performances by tiny tots during Ashmah annual function

Mohali, March 12. It was a day of exhilarating fun and excitement as the annual prize distribution function at Ashmah International School, Mohali witnessed unusual fanfare and camaraderie. Even as the meritorious students and toppers of various classes and categories were given away the prizes during the function by the chief guest Shri T R Sarangal, Secretary, Department of Welfare of SCs and BCs, Punjab Government, the highlights of the day were scintillating performances which mesmerized the audiences.

Impressive display of skating drill and performances by students on popular Bollywood numbers spell bonded audiences who remained glued to their seats till the end of the function. Little ones displayed extraordinary talent while enacting upon numbers like bum bum bole and krazy 4 much to the amusement of crowds. Even as toppers walked up the stage to collect their trophies and mementos, the auditorium reverberated with clappings of excited parents. Special prizes were given to the parents for participating in the Mission Save Earth programme organized by the school.

Speaking on the occasion Ms Roopinder Ghuman Principal, Ashmah International School congratulated the students for displaying remarkable talent during the function even as winners and toppers were praised for their hard work and effort. The principal appreciated the efforts of dedicated Ashmah International Faculty, that have always gone beyond their brief in ensuring highest academic standards.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Small Wonders kids have fun at Dolls museum

Small Wonders kids have fun at Dolls museum

Excitement galore for kids at Dolls museum

Kids’ day out at Dolls museum turn memorable

Chandigarh, March 10 : A thrilling visit, and an indeed exciting one, to the dolls museum, sector 23 is what literally made their day as tiny tots from Small Wonders, Mohali left with memorable reflections about the whole experience. The whole experience for the little ones was simply great as the sheer spectacle of witnessing perhaps the largest and most distinctive collection of dolls and variant ambiences anywhere in the world was simply awesome and left some really cherishable moments for the students.

Students who visited the museum with their respective class teachers got to learn about the different dresses and cultures of India depicted through dresses and attires of the dolls dressed ad attire. The most striking part about the museum which touched every child was the sheer variety and magnitude of the collection of dolls from different states of India and from different parts of the world. The dazzling array of beautiful dolls captured the imagination of not only the little ones but also the faculty who found the whole experience moving indeed.

Students especially enjoyed the models of German railway station, the sea and its creatures and the depiction of tales such as princess Cinderella, Ali Baba etc. Even as the inquisitive tiny tots were explained by their guide and teachers about the attributes of different dolls at length, the excitement seemed never ending.

Speaking about this special tour, Mr. Sandeep Singh, Director, Small Wonders explained that we planned the whole trip to facilitate little ones to have a feel of the unique symbols signifying our heritage and culture in the form of dolls and puppets, an art which is loosing out swiftly to computer games and videos. Electronic entertainment has taken over the culture of dolls but we wanted to stimulate our students with their own imaginative perceptions with reference to dolls. Students enjoyed it and we feel all of them walked back with great memories to cherish for ever, added Singh.

Unique day- night camp at Kundan International

Unique day- night camp at Kundan International
Kundan camp has rare lessons for tiny tots
Day night camp at Kundan International accosts tiny tots to business of life as usual

Chandigarh, March 10: A series of interesting activities marked a unique day- night camp which was organized here at Kundan International School. A first of its kind, the day night camp spanning over two days saw young Kundanites from KG up till Class V involve themselves in independent and self driving activities. Aimed at inculcating self dependence and ability to conduct themselves in routine activities without parental aid, the camp offered a truly real time experience to kids who equally enjoyed the novelty of the idea.
Equipped with track suits, sports shoes and beddings the young students reported for the camp which was organized at school premises. Even as fun filled games, art and craft activities, yoga, meditation, bonfire and story telling sessions were the key highlights of the camp, students revelled in acts like cooking without fire and a host of other mundane but remarkably exciting acts. The sheer adventure and kick of being on their own was the most overwhelming feeling for the impressionable minds, remarked Ms Divya Bhatia, Principal, Kundan International School. A picnic to Rose Garden and bonfire with loads of music and dance later in the evening gave tiny tots a real high.
The students prepared their own beds, refreshments and did the needful cleaning up, all on their own. Besides, the camp offered a unique chance to teachers and students to consolidate the special bond which got further cemented as hours went by. Students, we hope will cherish the memories of this camp for times to come as this forms a vital experience in their evolution towards self dependent and reliant individuals, said Bhatia.

WWICS branch for Bathinda, Faridkot inaugurated

Global immigration leader WWICS sets base in Malwa
Opens branch in Bathinda

WWICS branch for Bathinda, Faridkot inaugurated
Malwaiites set to receive quality immigration consultancy

World leader in immigration sets base in Malwa
WWICS’ Bathinda branch to cater to Bathinda, Faridkot region

Bathinda, March 8: After having rewritten the rules of immigration industry in a globally competitive environment for over one and a half decade now, World Wide Immigration and Consultancy Services (WWICS), world’s leading global resettlement solutions provider company has formally expanded its operations into the Malwa region of Punjab with the opening up of WWICS branch at Grover complex, Gonaina road in Bathinda here today. The inauguration of Bathinda branch of WWICS which would cater to Bathinda and Faridkot region, took place here today amidst a gathering of renowned personalities of the region in the esteemed presence of Founder- Chairman of WWICS, Lt Col B S Sandhu. While terming the occasion as a milestone in satiating the local aspirations of Malwaiites to have a leading immigration consultancy begin its operations from Malwa heartland, Lt Col Sandhu assured to keep the highest standards of services and client satisfaction levels intact.

It gives me immense pleasure to dedicate the WWICS branch at Bathinda to my Malwaiite brethren who have been amongst a highly aggressive section of Punjabis and Indians to immigrate to far off lands like Canada, UK, US and other European nations, remarked Lt Col Sandhu.

Aimed at catering to a growing population of Punjabis from Malwa belt aspiring to immigrate and settle in countries like Canada, Australia, UK, Czech Republic, Ukraine and US, the new branch will provide solutions to the Malwaiites who form a major proportion for Punjabis settled abroad. Sangrur, Mansa, Malaut and Fazilka areas are all set to be substantially catered to by the latest WWICS' Bathinda & Faridkot branch.

Headquartered in Toronto, WWICS aims to tap and cater to a growing segment of businessmen, farmers and students who plan to settle abroad. It may be mentioned here that 50% of the Punjabi settled abroad are from Malwa which otherwise also constitutes 55 % area of Punjab. Almost 15000 of estimated 30000 Punjabis immigrating to Canada every year are from Malwa. Canada remains the hot destination with university professors, finance professionals, IT professionals, doctors, nurses, construction and tradespersons who are in a great demand, informed Lt Col Sandhu. While an extremely immigrant friendly policy and laws recently enacted by Canadian parliament heavily favour relocation of skilled Indian professionals in Canada, the recent fast track immigration processing introduced by Canada via education route also enables international students to get a work permit on course completion and qualify for Permanent Residency.

While shedding light upon the business immigration opportunities Mr. Sylvain Payette, President, Renaissance Capital Inc., WWICS’ associate company informed about the federal investor business program and Quebec Investor Immigrant Programme. Col Sandhu also enlightened people upon existing investment and business opportunities in Ukraine and Czech Republic.

Canadian investor program set to expedite immigration

Business investor immigration catching up fast in Canada

Plethora of opportunities beckon Indian investors in Canada- Experts

Immigrant Investor Program facilitates Indian investors like never before

PR status, immigration comes calling for Indian Investors

Canadian investor program set to expedite immigration

WWICS ties up with RCI for financial assistance to business investors

Jalandhar, 7 March: Business investors seeking resettlement for themselves and their families in Canada now have a distinct edge and an unprecedented advantage vis a vis other categories as Canadian Federal Immigrant Investor Program (FIIP) is all set to revolutionize the investor triggered immigration process. With unimaginably shorter gestation periods ranging from eight to twelve months for getting permanent residency status in Canada, the Federal Immigration Investor Program is rapidly becoming the most preferred and popularly emerging immigration category in Canada. This was stated here today by Lt Col B S Sandhu, CMD, WWICS who was addressing a joint press conference along with Mr Sylvain Payette, President, Renaissance Capital Inc (RCI).

While shedding light upon business investor category, Lt Col Sandhu informed that Canada is extending warm welcome to prospective immigrants with potential to invest. Under Federal Immigrant Investor Program (FIIP) expeditious processing of permanent resident status applications is guaranteed. With a net worth of Canadian $ 8, 00,000, a prospective investor can apply for PR status and achieve it without any IELTS qualification riders. A minimum pertinent experience of 3 years in related field is a qualification however, added Col Sandhu.

What makes FIIP even more attractive is the proposition of investing a refundable investment of Canadian $ 4,00,000 with Canadian government returnable after 5 years and seek PR status for self and family. Within in a remarkably short span of just 8-10 months an applicant with this much investment potential is sure shot to make it to Canada with fully guaranteed returns on his investment. This handsome offer is further facilitated by financial back up extended by through Canada based Renaissance Capital Inc(RCI) which is offering to finance a majority of $4,00,000, pre requisite amount, informed Mr Sylvain Payette, President, Renaissance Capital Inc(RCI), who is accompanying Col Sandhu on a series of seminars across India set to enlighten Indian immigrants about prevalent business investment opportunities in Canada. The strategic tie up of RCI with WWICS is all set to empower the prospective immigrants with information, correct mode as well as financial assistance which is a key aspect in FIIP, added Mr Payette.

Lt Col Sandhu added that immigration to Canada is now a matter of 8-12 months with specialized and experienced consultancies like WWICS and financial firms like RCI extending full assistance. With unique focus on this category, WWICS and RCI tie up is set to benefit an entire genre of prospective immigrants who will now be able to settle in Canada.

For any clarifications, please contact: Vineet Joshi, Trivani Media, 9316120768, 9417178978

Grecian Hospital inaugurated in Ludhiana

Grecian Hospital inaugurated in Ludhiana
Cancer and heart treatment now

Grecian Hospital brings specialized cancer and heart care to Ludhiana
State of the art heart & cancer hospital inaugurated at Sarabha Nagar

After Mohali Grecian Hospital comes to Ludhiana
Cancer and Heart care to get fillip

Ludhiana, March 6: After having introduced trendsetting medical care practices in heart and cancer specialties in the region, Grecian Hospital, Mohali has now come to Ludhiana with the inauguration of its second prestigious hospital in the city here today. Inaugurated by Master Mohan Lal, Transport Minister, Punjab with Shri Avinash Rai Khanna, Member Parliament, presiding over the inaugural function, the opening of the hospital marks the beginning of best of specialized care in cardiac procedures and cancer therapies in Ludhiana and its surrounding areas.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Shivpreet Singh Samra, MD, Grecian Hospital said that Grecian Hospital, Ludhiana which is conveniently located at Convent School Road, Sarabha Nagar will bring affordable health care to the heart and cancer patients in and around Ludhiana on the same lines as hospital’s Mohali unit which has already reshaped the way cancer and heart diseases are treated in the region. Equipped with state of the art facilities and super specialty infrastructure for heart diseases and cancer, the hospital has a complete heart unit with a cath lab for angiography and angioplasty, operation theatres for bypass surgeries, ICUs and deluxe and general wards. For cancer treatment, chemotherapy and surgeries shall be performed right away while radiation therapy will be offered at hospital’s Mohali unit for the time being.

Dr Samra, a highly skilled Cardiothoracic Surgeon doing open heart surgeries since 1994 will be joined by an expert team of cardiac specialists including Dr Asif Raheem, Consultant Cardiologist who will be heading Cardiology Department at Ludhiana. Dr Navdeep Singh, Consultant Oncologist will head Oncology Department to provide cancer care.

While expressing happiness over the beginning of Grecian hospital, Chief Guest on the occasion Master Mohan Lal hoped that the dictum of affordable quality healthcare as followed by Grecian chain of hospitals will do a yeoman’s service to mankind especially in this part of Punjab. Shri Avinash Rai Khanna hailed the spirit of Grecian Hospital in exhibiting remarkable ingenuity and aggression and providing highly competitive and subsidized cancer and heart care to the needy patients in the past. I hope the guiding mantra of affordable care takes Grecian group miles ahead in their journey, wished Khanna.

Small Wonders’ team bags top positions in Rose Festival

Small Wonders’ team bags top positions in Rose Festival
Prizes galore for Small Wonders school in Rose Festival

Mohali, March 2: Small Wonders School, Mohali has made a rather distinctive mark by bagging a number of top positions and prizes in the recently concluded Rose Festival. The entries to the contest by the school team managed to win over one dozen prizes in various categories of potted plants and cut flowers. The Small Wonders’ entries won 8 first prizes and 4 second prizes in potted plants D class and cut flower B class categories during the Rose Festival, informed Mr Sandeep Singh, Director, Small Wonders School Mohali.
The entries by school students in potted plants D class like Antirrhinum, Brachycome, Nemesia and Stardarkas bagged first prizes even as the school team entry won second prize in Phlox, informed Singh. Small Wonders’ entries in cut flower category plants like Antirrhinum, Rose hybrid Tea in three, Rose Hybrid Tea and Daffodils got first prizes again. Cut flower entries like Gerbera, Rose Hybrid Tea in Three and Rose Hybrind Tea won second positions making the haul an unprecedented one.
Such successful participations and overwhelming results in prestigious Rose Festival only underscore the sincere endeavor of our faculty and staff members towards upgrading the extra curricular skills of our students. The fact that Rose Festival is the biggest show and competitive to the hilt proves the immense prowess of our students in pursuing excellence in floriculture which stands proven by the outcome, remarked Sandeep Singh.

Rayat Institute is PTU cricket champion

Rayat Institute wins PTU Inter College cricket tournament
Rayat Institute is PTU cricket champion

Mohali, March 1: Rayat Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Railmajra has won the prestigious PTU Inter College Cricket Tournament by defeating Adesh Institute of Engineering and Technology, Faridkot in the finals. While chasing a target of 101 runs set by Adesh Institute, RIEIT team managed to score 104 runs for the loss of just 4 wickets thereby defeating Adesh Institute by 6 wickets. In a keenly contested tournament RIEIT team waded through a tough competition with hundreds of participating teams to emerge as champions.
While over 120 teams from four zones falling under Punjab Technical University, PTU, participated in the tournament, the journey to win the title was a long and challenging one for Rayat institute which defeated Shaheed Udham Singh College of Engineering and Technology, Tangori in the quarter finals. Pitched against Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bhaddal, in the semi finals, RIEIT team again managed to score an impressive win to book a place in finals against Adesh Institute. RIEIT finally managed to win gold medal while Adesh Institute won silver and Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bhaddal walked away with a bronze. Ritin Rana of RIEIT, Ropar was declared Man of the Series.
Speaking on the occasion Sardar Gurvinder Singh Bahra, Vice Chairman, Rayat - Bahra group said that the resounding success of PTU inter college tournament and RIEIT’s impressive victory in the final is a moment of pride for entire Rayat - Bahra group which is already excelling in the field of education amongst PTU affiliated institutes. The tournament was overwhelmingly successful with a massive participation by over 120 PTU allied institutes who sent their teams to participate.