Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Renowned UK surgeon performs complex child heart surgeries
Complex heart procedures performed upon children by UK surgeon Pankaj Mankad

MP Khanna felicitates UK surgeon for performing complex child heart surgeries

Complex child heart surgeries by UK surgeon at Grecian Hospital
Surgeries on 3 children performed by UK surgeon at Grecian Hospital

Mohali, March 24: Grecian super-specialty hospital, Mohali has achieved a yet another major feat by performing three major child heart surgeries involving complex congenital heart diseases. The surgeries involving tricuspid Atresia, total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage and double valve replacement were conducted by eminent cardiac surgeon from Edinburgh, Scotland, Dr Pankaj Mankad. Accredited with performing over 3500 complex child heart surgeries, the UK based heart surgeon Dr. Pankaj Mankad successfully performed the procedures upon the three children who were diagnosed with the congenital disorders at Grecian Hospital.

Shri Avinash Rai Khanna, MP, felicitated Dr Mankad and expressed his gratitude for making these rare surgeries on the needy and underprivileged kids a reality by coming all the way from UK. Khanna also thanked Dr Samra and Grecian Hospital for always being supportive in providing whatever huge concessions to such needy children. He further appreciated efforts of Grecian Hospital and Dr Samra who have brought child heart surgeries to this level of prominence by launching a campaign of sorts involving world renowned experts. It may be recalled here that dozens of kids brought by Khanna from his constituency have been treated earlier at Grecian Hospital with subsidies ranging up to complete waivers to extremely poor kids.

Dr Samra declared that Dr Pankaj Mankad would be available at Grecian Hospital for surgeries in future as part of Grecian Hospital’s ‘Complex Child Heart Surgery’ programme which will be a running campaign by the hospital. Dr Samra added that the complex surgeries conducted now by Dr Pankaj had been refused by even some advanced cardiac centers owning to their complex nature and expertise involved. However, Dr Pankaj Mankad, supported by Grecian surgeons successfully pulled through complex heart surgeries. While interacting with media 55 year old surgeon Dr Mankad said that the operating upon underprivileged and poor patients was a satisfying experience for him who looked forward to work with the Grecian team in future as well.

Dr Mankad wished to contribute more towards development of advanced super specialties in Indian health care sector. As the incidence of congenital heart defects, which are structural problems with heart during birth, is increasing, the disorders vary both in terms of variety and severity, informed Dr Mankad. With over 2.5 lakh children being born every year with congenital heart disorders of one or the other kind, not more than 5% of cases of them are treated in India and that makes it amongst the top five causes of child mortality in India. The proportion and scale of the problem needs to be addressed to only by way of aggressively developing capacities and expertise for treatment of such disorders added Dr Samra. Here the role of Grecian Hospital can simply not be understated as the motto of ‘Affordable quality healthcare for all’ by way of special drives simple needs to be appreciated, said Dr Mankad.

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