Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Small Wonders kids have fun at Dolls museum

Small Wonders kids have fun at Dolls museum

Excitement galore for kids at Dolls museum

Kids’ day out at Dolls museum turn memorable

Chandigarh, March 10 : A thrilling visit, and an indeed exciting one, to the dolls museum, sector 23 is what literally made their day as tiny tots from Small Wonders, Mohali left with memorable reflections about the whole experience. The whole experience for the little ones was simply great as the sheer spectacle of witnessing perhaps the largest and most distinctive collection of dolls and variant ambiences anywhere in the world was simply awesome and left some really cherishable moments for the students.

Students who visited the museum with their respective class teachers got to learn about the different dresses and cultures of India depicted through dresses and attires of the dolls dressed ad attire. The most striking part about the museum which touched every child was the sheer variety and magnitude of the collection of dolls from different states of India and from different parts of the world. The dazzling array of beautiful dolls captured the imagination of not only the little ones but also the faculty who found the whole experience moving indeed.

Students especially enjoyed the models of German railway station, the sea and its creatures and the depiction of tales such as princess Cinderella, Ali Baba etc. Even as the inquisitive tiny tots were explained by their guide and teachers about the attributes of different dolls at length, the excitement seemed never ending.

Speaking about this special tour, Mr. Sandeep Singh, Director, Small Wonders explained that we planned the whole trip to facilitate little ones to have a feel of the unique symbols signifying our heritage and culture in the form of dolls and puppets, an art which is loosing out swiftly to computer games and videos. Electronic entertainment has taken over the culture of dolls but we wanted to stimulate our students with their own imaginative perceptions with reference to dolls. Students enjoyed it and we feel all of them walked back with great memories to cherish for ever, added Singh.

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