Sunday, March 15, 2009

Revolutionary laser therapy for hair loss now in India

Revolutionary laser therapy for hair loss now in India
Hair restoration industry set for quantum leap
Canadian firm to bring laser based hair loss therapy in India

Chandigarh, March 15: Hair loss treatment is all set for a revolution of sorts with the introduction of latest Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) clinical system. Being introduced in India for the first time ever by Canada based Medicom Lasers International Inc, LLLT clinical laser system which is manufactured by Sunetics International Inc, the world renowned and acknowledged leader in hair restoration industry, is considered an effective, non invasive and non chemical hair loss treatment therapy that will give quantum leap to the prevalent hair restoration treatment options available presently in India.

While addressing a joint press conference to unveil the revolutionary new clinical laser system Swaran Sandhu, Tony Bhullar and Parminder Gill all Directors of Medicom Lasers International introduced the system to media persons. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is one of the most exciting options in hair loss treatment which is painless and woundless approach which uses low intensity lasers which are delivered by a devise containing panels of lasers which shine on scalp. Without any burning or heat sensation, a scalp tingling sensation is all that patients may feel during the phototherapy which is administered even as patients read out magazines while undergoing treatment. Soon to be available in Indian hospitals and clinical facilities, LLLT involves penetration of laser into scalp tissue layers upto 4 mm depth where follicles reside. The therapeutic light energy is well absorbed by the cells and process of cell repair begins.

LLLT works through stimulation of energy at the cellular level, improvement of cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and micro circulation which has been clinically and scientifically proven to have stopped hair loss in 85% cases and stimulating new hair growth in 55% cases, added Swaran Sandhu. “The beauty of this technology is that it affords the whole scalp the ability to absorb the laser energy at the depth of penetration (4mm) where the follicle resides optimally using. We use the optimal wavelength and power to pentrate the scalp surface to make the laser energy available to the cells where they need it the most, in the follicle."
While demonstrating the device to media persons Swaran Sandhu further detailed the working of LLLT device which focuses laser energy on maximum area of scalp during the treatment. The open air hooded design along with proprietary laser pattern has been specifically shaped to give maximum and full laser exposure to the scalp through 107 true laser diodes which create a solid energy field upon whole of the scalp, informed Sandhu.

Laser treatment which has proved to be an effective therapy for hair loss for decades in Europe, US, Canada and Far east countries is set to catch up fast in India with LLLT which is ideal for men and women with hereditary hair loss pattern and medication associated hair loss like from chemotherapy. Medicom Lasers informed Tony Bhullar, is already running over half a dozen clinical labs in Canada which is using LLLT as an effective therapy. We hope to cater to an ever growing number of hair loss patients in India who will find low level laser therapy as ideal mode of treatment for them. Sunetic products are manufactured under strict quality assurance guidelines of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) with certification by independent labs for compliance with both the CE and UL 60601 standards for medical equipment added Bhullar.

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