Saturday, August 29, 2009

Laughter riot comes with Meri V Sun Lo

Punjabi comedy Meri V Sun Lo releases
Rib-tickling comedy Meri V Sun Lo released
Manmohan Singh releases Meri V Sun Lo

Chandigarh, August 20:
Meri V Sun Lo, the much-awaited Punjabi movie, is out to release a laugher riot in masses with its unique theme of social life intertwined with paradox of ideas, irony and music.

Based on today’s social life, renowned audio company DH1 has come up with this initiative. Launching the DVD of Meri V Sun Lo, noted director and producer of Hindi and Punjabi film cinema, Manmohan Singh said, “The movie is an apt remark on today’s world that presents hilarious yet thoughtful situation every moment. There is a need for such cinema, which not only entertains but puts across a strong message.”

Darshan Aulakh Productions has produced the rib-tickling comedy in collaboration with D.S. Nijjar (from DH1), while by Rahul Juneja has directed it. Suraj Azad has composed its music and Jaswin Attri presents the film.

Comedy king Rana Ranbir and famous singer Balkar Sidhu were also be present during the release of this comedy film.

Renowned director Darshan Singh Aulakh from Darshan Aulak Productions said that Vakila Mann and Mukesh Gidderbaha have performed lead roles in the movie. “This 60-minutes film covers issues from piracy to obesity to TV serials all in a deft manner,” he added

Besides acting in the move Vakila Mann has lent his voice for title song Meri V Sun Lo with other singers including Sandeep Sandhu and Miss Gagan.

Vakila Mann and Miss Gagan have sung duet “budget ho gaye mehnge, hun ta gona hi chad dena”, which portrays today’s singers life and fight against piracy. Mann has penned this song.
The song phulke do hi change ne comments on potbellied and selfish people. Sandeep Sandhu has sung these lyrics of Darshan Aulakh. This project has deftly made boliyan, an integral part of movie, which comments on today’s TV serials. Lyricist of boliyan is Jagsir Jeeda and singer is Vakila Mann.

Besides songs and boliyan the movie is also full of hilarious skits based on real life of villagers. It takes a pinch on political campaigning during elections, which will send audiences into peels of laughter

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