Saturday, August 29, 2009

Simple Namaste can keep you away from swine flu

Follow Indian wisdom, keep swine flu at bay
Follow Indian way, keep swine flu away

Mohali , August 25

During the times of crisis like swine flu, it’s the Indian traditions that can keep you away from the infection. An infectious diseases swine flu has mainly affected people in age group of 10 to 39 years. Most of the infection spreads through physical contact and the best way to keep it at bay is by greeting people with folded hands.

Dr Parvinder Kaur, the attending Consultant & Incharge Emergency Fortis Mohali said this while addressing students at Continental Institute for international studies, today. “No contact means no passing on the infection to a healthy person. Bringing simple behavioral changes can prove yeoman’s job for the community and individual as well,” she said.

She laid emphasis on using tissue to cover sneezes or cough. “If you do not have a tissue, sneeze or cough in your sleeve and when needed wear masks to save yourself as well as others,” she told students.

Responding to students query on importance of personal hygiene, she added that hands should be decontaminated even if they seem to be clean. Hands should be washed as often as one can or after coughing. The best way is to avoid touching common surfaces, thereby limiting any possibility of infection.

Asking students not to panic at minor flu symptoms, Dr Parvinder discouraged them from going in crowded places, if cases have been reported from nearby community. Its better to stay home if you are down with cough and cold and seek medical advice if symptoms worsen.

“The only treatment available is through government approved centers. We should not get carried away with statements of quacks that claim treatment for the disease,” she cautioned. Dr Parvinder assured that a vaccine for the swine flu – an unusual combination of avian, swine and human viruses - was on cards in future.

She said that though swine flu is fastest growing pandemic of the century, its mortality is less than one percent as compared to other flu. In India, 1708 cases have been reported so far and out of these more than 55 percent cases have been cured. Also in our country, swine flu has come across as mild and self-limiting disease till now.

“Interestingly, adults older than 64 years do not yet appear to be at increased risk of novel swine flu related complications thus far in the outbreak, while asthmatics and diabetics are at higher risk of complications,” she said. Pregnancy and obesity remain high risk factors that involve higher mortality.


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