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Varicose veins to be discussed at international symposium in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, August 7
An international symposium to update doctors about advancement in treatment of varicose veins is being held on August 9 at the UT.

Titled as update on varicose vein and chronic venous insufficiency, the Venous Association of India is organizing this event. The purpose is to enlighten the experts and young doctors about vascular diseases a vital area of medical science which has till date remained misunderstood and misrepresented by even the medical fraternity who finds it difficult to differentiate between heart and vascular diseases.
“Around 200 doctors from North India are expected to be a part of this symposium, which will brush knowledge on varicose veins – a commonly found – but not often detected disease,” said Dr. Ravul Jindal, national executive member Venous Association of India and vascular surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.
The international guest faculty including Prof. Jean-Francois UHL, M.D., Vascular Surgeon from Department of Anatomy, University Paris 5. He is also the Vice President, French Society of Phlebology and Prof. Ted King, the National Medical Director, Vein Clinics of America, Chicago, USA.
Indian guest faculty members are Dr. Ravul Jindal senior consultant Vascular Surgery Department Fortis Hospital Chandigarh and Dr PC Gupta senior vascular surgeon Care Hospital Hyderabad.
Dr Ravul Jindal said that the symposium would dwell on different aspects of varicose veins. He said that varicose are bulging veins that are larger than spider veins, typically 3 mm or more in diameter.
These are usually characterized by Aching and heavy legs (often worse at night and after exercise), appearance of spider veins in the affected leg, ankle swelling, dilated bluish bulge under the skin, redness, dryness, and itchiness of areas of skin due to waste products building up in leg. In some people skin above ankle may shrink because fat underneath skin becomes hard. The symptoms also include whitened, irregular scar-like patches can appear at the ankles or patient can have chronic non-healing ulcers
“Varicose veins is a frequently occurring condition with up to 10 % of the women and men getting affected with symptoms of fatigue, pain and swelling of the lower limbs. If you have unattractive, enlarged blue or purple veins on thigh or calf, you may be suffering from varicose veins,” Dr Jindal said
He added that the disease marks indication of a malfunction of venous system and should be evaluated by vascular surgery specialist. This usually affects those who work standing for long hours such as traffic policemen and housewives. Most of the times cause of its occurrence is not known. If not treated early this can result in chronic venous insufficiency.
Dr Jindal said that even though disease is not life threatening it can be debilitating, if not treated at proper stage. Patient at later stage can present with very painful ulcers that take long time to manage. Common misconceptions like varicose veins cannot be treated or they reoccur in every patient needs to be corrected. If the disease is not properly evaluated and operated by an inexperienced surgeon, chances of reoccurrence of varicose vein will be higher.
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