Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shemrockites vie for saving environment

Green brigade from Shemrock marches to save environment

Mohali, February 24,2010

The green brigade of students from Shemrock Senior Secondary School, Sector-69, Mohali marched holding a rally commemorating World Forest Day today.

Dressed as trees and animals, Shemrockites started from sector 69 moved to sector 70 and further to phase 7 intersection. At the intersection students stood for half an hour with placards held high sensitizing people on eco friendly steps to make our city clean and green.

The green brigade contingent then rallied to phase 8 bus stand and came back to the school. Principal Air Comd. SK Sharma said that students gave message of taking up forestation drive at large scale so as to replace the crores of tress axed down to meet with human requirements.

Contingent carrying placards called for proper waste management so as to further prevent global warming. They appealed to save wildlife, especially tigers that now fall among endangered species.

Sharma said that the exercise was an effort to not only make general masses rise from their slumber but also highlight the environmental aspects. “Our promptly displayed urgent need to save every drop of water as the water table is receding at a fast pace. Saving fuel to save environment too remained highlight of the day. Involving students in such activities not only helps to make them responsible future citizens but also goes long way in awakening masses,” he said.

Students emphasized on 3 R's of waste management including recycle waste, reduce waste and re-use waste. They propagated more and more use of solar energy to meet with increasing power demands.

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