Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anee’s School observes Earth Day

Anee’s School students celebrate Earth Day

Mohali, April 22,2010

The students of Anee’s School celebrated Earth Day promoting the message on conserving environment for a secure and green future.

School authorities specially held a rally to help students propagate their ideas of saving Mother Earth from further degeneration. Talking to the students at occasion, principal Harpreet Grewal said that it is the young generation that holds key to a greener environment with lesser pollution levels.

“Observing Earth Day is yet another initiative of school to keep children sensitized on issues related to environment. We teach students about environment, but observing a special day is like putting teachings into a practical frame,” she said.

The school’s rally was around school created awareness amongst general masses too. Students called upon people to use simple methods in contributing towards wellness of environment.

Children with their faces painted with green colors raised the slogans informing people on various issues. They asked people to keep water outside their windows helping birds to quench their thirst in forthcoming sweltering hot weather. The masses were also called upon to help an animal in distress, use recyclable material and conserve sources of energy.

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