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Baisakhi celebrated at Ashmah International School

Baisakhi celebrations at Asmah International School

Mohali, April 13,2010

Baisakhi, the festival marking onset of wheat harvesting, was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm at the Ashmah International School today.

School premises wore a festive look with compound fully decorated with hand made charts, ribbons and flowers. Students were dressed up in colorful attire.

In order to give students first hand account of sowing and harvesting, wheat was sown in school in December and harvested today. Children were thrilled absorbing this practical knowledge.

Prayers marked the starting of celebrations. Students presented cultural dances and bhangra as well. Class IV students danced to the tunes of ‘toori tand sambh jatt mele chaleya’ that audience enjoyed.

Director of the school, JS Kesar appreciated the efforts of staff.
Principal, R Ghuman told the students about the importance of this
festival. She highlighted the role of farmer in providing food to the nation.

“Farmers work hard and till land in summers and winters to provide us food. We should respect his hard work and commitment,” she told students.


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