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Obesity, sleep disorder in children linked to virtual world, Dr Jain

Fortis Hospital holds health talk at The Millennium School

Mohali, April 20,2010

Obesity and sleep disorders in children are associated to their over indulgence in virtual world of television and internet.

Dr Sandip Jain, Head, Department of Pediatrics, Fortis Hospital Mohali observed this while delivering a talk on health at The Millennium School.

Partnering with TMS, Fortis aims to educate students and parents putting the medium of lectures and talks to use. The audience comprised of parents and specialists from field of pediatrics and dentistry.

Komal Singh Principal the Millennium School said that usually parents do not get enough time to interact with their child’s doctor. “This talk is a platform for parents to openly put up their queries on just any issue related to their child and find solution to their long pending problems,” she said.

Talking to the parents, Dr Jain warned that excessive TV viewing and being glued to video games have both psychological and social implications. “Children who excessively indulge in virtual reality have been found to be shy and introvert. They should be encouraged to participate in outdoor activities such as games and sports,” he suggested.

He added that childhood obesity and sleep disorders are common among urban children. “Sleep has direct influence on body's functions and helps body to heal, grow and stay on track. Recent studies have also linked the risk of obesity to not getting enough sleep. Parents should ensure that their children get enough sleep to rejuvenate themselves,” he added.

Dr Jain focused on consequences of indulging in virtual world unmonitored and discussed seriousness of its impact on social behavior of child.

Dwelling on the stigma attached to pediatric asthma and initial indicators, Dr Jain said that earlier the problem is detected, easier it is to control.

Dr Cherry Bector Verma, Resident Dentist from Fortis hospital spoke on number of issues relating to child health. She discussed on the common dental problems that kids face in their daily routine and imparted useful and practical tips on good oral hygiene.

“We cannot afford to have cavities and should have a cavity free generation. Swollen gums, brown black spots on teeth, sensitive teeth, night grinding, tongue thrusting and bad breath are yet another common problems found in children. These can be solved with early intervention and proper treatment,” she said.

The interactive health discussion elicited a great number of queries from audience. Fortis Hospital also announced some special health packages for the students of The Millennium School.

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