Saturday, November 28, 2009

BJYM units to burn UPA govt effigy
BJYM seeks Chidambaram’s resignation over leak of Liberhan report
Report leaked to affect Jharkhand polls, BJYM chief

Chandigarh, November 28:
With an effort to expose the truth behind the intended revelation of Liberhan report by Congress led UPA government, the national president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Amit Thaker today gave a week long nation wide protest call to burn the effigy of UPA Government starting from 30th of November.

Amit Thaker alleged that it regretful that the way this sensitive issue has been politicized by the UPA Government, which has not only brought in fore their unethical political mindset but has also resulted in hurting the sentiments of millions of Hindu’s not only in India but across the globe.

Amit Thaker pointed out that copies of Liberhan commission report were either with the home minister P Chidambaram or with Justice Liberhan himself. “Justice Liberhan has plainly refused leaking any part of report, which clearly shows that the report was leaked by Chidambaram himself as a well charted conspiracy against the BJP,” Thaker added.

Seeking P Chidambaram’s resignation for his failure to maintain secrecy of report, Thaker added, “Why the report has suddenly jumped out of closets when Jharkhand polls are just round the corner? He alleged that it is a deliberate attempt to divert attention of common man from issue of inflation as it has failed to check the rising prices of essential commodities which is affecting the lives of common man very badly.

While raising serious concern over the authenticity of the report he said that it shocking that Liberhan report is tight-lipped on role of the head of the then union government, Narishma Rao, while at the same time they have indicted former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee without even serving him summons, which clearly indicates their vindictive attitude towards a particular party and its leaders.

He further laid emphasis on the fact that it is astonishing that Justice Libehrann has prepared this report without even visiting the site at Ayodya once in the past 17 years and has concocted the report on the based on the information picked from different sources including Media and compiled together. “Instead of going through entire case meticulously, the investigators chose to solely rely on hearsay,” he said adding that there was not even an iota of truth in the tabled report.

He called upon the worshippers of Shri Ram to work for cause of constructing Ram Mandir at Ayodhya and said that every unbiased person in nation stands for it.

Released to Press by :-

Vineet Joshi,
National Media Incharge,
BJP Youth Wing.

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