Friday, December 11, 2009

“No one can compel us to write or write off our songs” Babbu Mann & Bhagwant Mann

Jalandhar. 29 November 2009. As an artist our devotion is towards our artwork. We do not target any caste, creed, colour or individual through our songs or comedy, rather we present what is prevalent in the society.
Renowned Punjabi singer Babbu Mann and comedian Bhagwant Mann said this while interacting exclusively with tribune about their forthcoming Punjabi movie “Ekam” here today.
Babbu Mann’s song Ik Baba Nanak Si from his album Singh Is Better than King has created waves has become an epicenter of debate worldwide over self-proclaimed god men and heir malpractices.
The Dhadhriyan Wala Baba has objected to a line in the song “Babbe Ne Kaali Audi Lai Layi”, which itself speaks volumes of the way the song has exposed these people and pinched their conscience.
“I am no saint or god man. I am a mere artist who tries to awaken masses and infuse positive thoughts in them through my creations,” Babbu Mann said.
Clarifying the furore raised over Babbe Ne Kaali Audi Lai Layi, Babbu Mann said that he does not target any single person and nor has he done it in this song.
Being a well seasoned artist, Babbu believes in exposing the system and making audience think over the present scenario. “This line has neither been written on anyone’s instruction, nor it would be deleted,” he affirmed.
He specified that the Audi car word was included in the song, as he is using this car in his forthcoming film Ekam and did not deem it fit to showcase the car in video of this song before release of his movie. “These Babbas (god men) have far more expensive cars than Audi,” he quipped.
Bhagwant Mann said that as an artist his responsibility is to watch over misdeeds in society and highlight them to make people aware.
“Its duty of every watchdog of society to keep its people equipped with the happenings around. Such satire creations ruffle feathers only amongst those who have something to hide from society. The common man always welcomes such satires and rather enjoys it,” he beamed. Bhagwant Mann too had talked extensively about the self-styled god men in his cassette Just Laugh, Baki Saaf.


  1. Babbu Maan and Bhagwant Maan are one of the fine artist in India. These two artist are just trying to aware us of, what is happaning today in our daily basis of life. I personally salute Babbu Mann for his thaughts. I am inspired by Babbu Maan in many ways.