Friday, December 11, 2009

Strong India Must for survival of civilised world says Bhagwat

RSS public function in city draws elites in large number

Chandigarh December 6. The twin tasks of strengthening the country and integrating Indian society are essential for survival civilised world and Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh is committed to these tasks. RSS Sarsanghchalak Sri Moharao Bhagwat said this today in his first public programme in the city beautiful as the new RSS Chief.

Addressing thousands of RSS workers and enlightened citizens in the exhibition ground in sector 34 Sri Bhagwat said survival of the world requires a tolerant and sensitive approach for which neither the doctrinaire liberals or left ideologies nor the religions that believe in the dictum of “we alone hold the true knowledge” are equipped.

He said, the votaries of socialism and capitalist haven have not been able to deliver on their promises nor growth of science and technology has brought peace of mind to humanity. Stressing the need of an inclusive approach to humans and all living beings as well as the environment He said as the oldest civilization India has to show the way to the world as it has the civilisational experience to do this. Our civilisation teaches us to care for Jal, Jan, jangal and Jaanvar (water, humans, animals and jungles) while other civilisations treat nature a resource for reckless consumption which is the cause of the environmental crises facing the world today.

He said hardline ideologies, whether political or religious, are at the root of almost all problems of the world today. These are not prepared to accommodate the true freedom of thought and action to all. On the other hand Indian thought has always been accommodating all religious beliefs even agnosticism.

Explaing the action plan of the RSS in furthering this process, Sri Bhagwat said RSS has been working to integrate Indian society for the last 84 years and has been striving to make society free from considerations of caste with a value system aimed at bringing togather all sections of society for common good of all. Referring to the physical and intellectual activity at the beginning of the programme he said we have adopted an exercise regimen but we are not a fitness club, the fitnes activities are need of all and these ensure bonding.

Stressing upon the need to involve the entire society in the process of strengthening India he said RSS is not going to monopolise the task of making India strong - the role of RSS is to start the process of sensitizing the society about the challenges it is faced with. Citizen's pride in their identity as Indians and the urge to do their best for the country will ensure that society meets the challenges.

Talking about the need to strengthen India Sri Bhagwat said experience in Uganda, Fiji and recently in Australia has shown that Indians are not safe anywhere, unless we make India strong we can not be safe.

A large sized portrait of Dr BR Ambedkar (whose birthday was celebrated all over India today) adorned the dais. Sri Bhagwat quoted Dr Ambedkar and Dr Verghese Kurian (of Amul fame) to underline the need to strengthen India by character building of Indians.

The RSS programme was attended by a large number of enlightened citizens of Chandigarh from various walks of life. Senior RSS functionaries Dr Bajrang Lal Gupta, Sita Ram Vyas, Brij Bhushan Singh Bedi and Kartar Singh adorned the dais.

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