Friday, December 11, 2009

Adopt the right way to immigration, WWICS

Beware of unscrupulous agents promising funds and jobs, WWICS
Don’t adopt unethical means to seek visa, says WWICS

Chandigarh, December 10. The recent incidence of hundreds of Indian students flocking South Hall Gurudwaras in UK seeking shelter and food in absence of sufficient funds has once again highlighted the need to choose ethical means.
In a press statement issued here today Lt. Col. B.S. Sandhu, Chairman & Managing Director, World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) stated that some immigration consultancy companies and agents are misguiding the students that no funds are required to study or reach UK. Whereas the fact of the matter is that settlement funds are required when a student reaches UK. Some agents are fooling innocent students that they can easily manage without the funds; they may work there and earn the fee in UK. These unscrupulous consultants are befooling in lieu of money and actually leaving them in a piquant situation on landing the foreign shores.
“The plight of such students, who have gone to UK through unscrupulous agents, without having requisite funds for boarding, lodging and education, gets miserable. This is highly unethical as such agents not only sap the entire life’s savings of the students’ parents but also leave them helpless,” Sandhu added.
He stated that at WWICS students are discouraged from adopting unethical means to seek visa. “We know if a non deserving student who may get visa by hook or crook and may be successful in reaching UK but he cannot survive. Lack of required skills and minimum financial capacity would only bring harassment and a bad name to our company. We need to ensure that the students who move not only to UK but any destination country are able to cope academically and are capable of supporting themselves financially. Students are innocent and get swayed away by attractive advertisements promising visas without funds, committing financial assistance or free air-tickets etc. There have been many such students who come to WWICS and World Wide Education Services (WWES), the overseas education division of WWICS for some discounts and financial assistance but we turn them down and guide them not to opt for shortcuts. The parents should be more cautious while taking the decision of sending their child to another country and choose the right channel instead of going through misleading shortcuts,” said Col. Sandhu.
At WWICS, we educate the students and inform them of the consequences, challenges and opportunities awaiting them instead of just getting the visa stamped on their passport. The aspiring immigrants are given pre-departure orientation that upgrades their skills like accent neutralization and communication skills. Col. Sandhu added that before a student lands in foreign country, he or she should be well versed with the job opportunities available as per ones caliber. WWICS & WWES sensitize them about the job environment and equips them as per job requirement of UK so that when they are equipped with the requisite skills. Students are also updated about jobs available in market so that they don't find any problem in getting one.
The post landing care is WWICS’s USP. Company’s representative receive them at the airport, take them to transit accommodation, help them in getting accommodation on rent, guide them in applying for social security number and opening of bank account.
The consultancy works with few select institutes/ colleges/ universities of international repute that enables immigrating students to intelligently select avenues as per their caliber and monetary health.

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