Thursday, December 31, 2009

Creativity steals the show at Shemrock School pre-school exhibition

Shemrock School holds pre-school exhibition

SAS Nagar, December 19
Creativity stole the show at Shemrock Senior Secondary School pre-school exhibition held today at the school campus.
Pre-schoolers in age group of above 2 years (nursery), above 3 years (LKG) and above 4 years (UKG) put up an exhibition rotating around different themes.
Principal Air Comd (retd) SK Sharma said that at Shemrock pre-schoolers are taught on lines of play way method instead of burdening them with conventional way of teaching.
“To give students a taste of reality, the project on hospital involved actually setting up hospital scene and ditto was done for fruit shop and other parts of exhibit. In a way the event a guaranteed workshop for pre-schoolers,” he added.
Every class room was given different theme such as alphabets and words concept as modern teaching methods, eat healthy stay healthy, birthday celebrations, seasons, transportation, animal kingdom (zoo), unity in diversity, art and craft and first aid.
The zoo was brought alive with small animals, while students bought fruits at eat healthy stay healthy stall and miniature transport systems were put up-to play and learn.
Instead of remaining mere spectators, the tiny tots remained part and parcel of the entire enthusiastic activity. Being a part of their concerned projects, they detailed visitors about concepts of their exhibition and its intricacies involved.
Students also sang a choir highlighting jubilant mood.

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