Friday, December 11, 2009

Enthusiast BarCampers flock Fountainhead School of Business

Interaction takes new dimensions at Fountainhead School of Business
BarCampers hold storming interaction at Fountainhead School of Business

Chandigarh, November 30

Interaction took new dimensions at the Fountainhead School of Business with BarCampers discussing entrepreneurial skills during a specially convened gathering.

Speakers at the occasion shared their rich experiences of rising from introvert to confident and good public speakers. BarCamp Chandigarh, the first event of its kind, was organized by Fountainhead School of Business and supported extensively by OMBS group and Morpheus Venture Partners.
BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. More than seventy enthusiasts, including professionals from the industry and twenty entrepreneurs from various colleges were the part of event.
The event started with an ice-breaking session, where everyone introduced someone, whom he/she had just met and the best introducer walked away with a prize.
Sameer Guglani of Morpheus Venture Partners spoke on entrepreneurship as a personality type citing his own example of being a serial entrepreneur in the country, with more than 40 companies in portfolio.
A former shy Anoop Luthra dwell on personality development and the way he raised from a small town of Punjab and is a successful spaker today. The youngest entrepreneur of gathering, 14-years-old Rishabh Verma spoke on data portability.
Mukul Sharma discussed nanotechnology with automobiles and gave an insight on the possible revolutions in automobile industry using nanotechnology.
The post-lunch session included discussion on websites, social media and blogging by Mohit Aneja. Those who couldn’t join the event in person were connected virtually and following proceedings of event on tweeter with participants continuously tweeting about the BarCamp Chandigarh on the net.
The event was concluded with feedback session, where participants thanked Fountainhead School of Business for organizing event.

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