Thursday, December 31, 2009


Mohali December 22. Christmas, the festival of joy was celebrated with great fervor and gusto at Ashmah International School. The school was decked up with the festive lights, festoons, balloons and ribbons. Little Ashmians had decorated the christmas tree very creatively and had come dressed in bright and colourful party dresses.
The highlight of the day was a play based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. The play motivated the students to follow the teachings of the Christ and lead a virtuous, action oriented and meaningful life which are the underlined ideas in all the religions.
As the little ones were dancing to the tunes of jingle bells, the young Ashmians asked Santa for a novel gift of freeing the planet Earth from all its problem of globle warming.
Santa distributed saplings as gifts, to the students and told them that planting the trees would get our planet rid of all its problems..
Principal, Mrs.Roopinder Ghuman appreciated the efforts of the students and added that this green Christmas celebration was a conscious eggort towards sensitizing the young minds about our responsibility towards our planet.
Director, Mr.J.S.Kesar, wished the staff, students and their parents a Merry Christmas,a nd a joyous beginning of the New Year that brings hope for the environment.
Prizes were distributed to the little children dressed as Santas. The fairy distributed gifts and presents to the students. Overall, it was a celebration with lots of fun, joy and a message to go green!

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