Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anee’s School introduces Smart Mom-Smart Kid first time in India

Anee’s School launches Smart Mom-Smart Kid

Mohali 20 December. Juggling with your kids, their studies, job and house have you ever wished of magic wand to be a smart mom? Your wish has now come true with Smart Mom-Smart Kid concept initiated at Anee’s School.
Smart Mom is a wonderful one-year program is specially designed for the mother of today’s generation wherein we believe that a mother is the best teacher. The programme trains moms on skills required today from being a good manager to emotional bank of your child.
The programme is brain child of Director of the Anee’s School Mr. Aneet Goel, who has widely trotted the globe and has developed this concept with his team of freelance technocrats, academicians, psychologists, engineers, doctors, head of schools and parents, based on their experiences with the children.
He observed that there are certain skill sets, which differentiate an average mother from a smart mom. “This was researched 6000 mothers of various age groups and cultures, across many countries of the world. We scientifically examined and rationally sought the answer to becoming a smart mom and drew inference that there are certain skills, which, if acquired, can make an average mother a smart mom.
First of its kind combo of smart mom-smart kid program, the concept is already creating waves in the education circle. This program also prepares a mother for entrepreneurship and a smart kid for successful & happy life. It would help mothers be ready to take on the challenge of next generation parenting, challenging kids and social stance. Registration for the programme is open and classes are schedule from January.
It concentrates on smart development of a kid along with mother and has also developed smart kid program for kids of age group 2-4.5 years, which will gradually move up to 16-year age group.
Smart kid program is also based on extensive research of five years wherein children will not only be trained to hone skills, but their multiple intelligence levels would be suggested only after assessing their natural inclination.
Every child’s intelligence would be individually assessed. “We believe in natural intelligence and inculcating intelligence by imparting children lessons in special modules,” he added.
Every Smart Mom Smart Kid learning center will have a gym instructor, aerobics and yoga instructor, intelligence trainers, personality trainers. For the first learning center in India, Anee’s School, trainers have already been appointed for first batch of 45 Smart Mom Smart Kids. This program has very limited seats in its premier edition.
Technical Wing of this smart program is well coordinated with inputs from many countries and has central hub at Canada. Smart Mom’s first batch of mothers will roll from Anee’s School Sector 69, Mohali.

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