Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas celebrations double with fete at Shemrock School

Students enjoy Mélange fete at Shemrock School

Mohali, December 25
The two-day Mélange fete concluded at Shemrock School today amidst much fanfare and never ending fun and entertainment.
Quote Air Cmde SK Sharma, Principal Shemrock School, Mohali said that fete witnessed thousands of people enjoying games, being a part of competitions, shopping and gorging on delicious food served at the event.
“The fete was truly a mélange of entertainment from various quarters. It harped on the festivity in the air,” he said.
Food courts, Dominos, fresh juice and popcorns remained the all time favorite of every individual. He added that the fete had an array of games to select from including at the race, feed the Santa, dart throw, bozo bucket bonanza, pirates chest, bank a shot, shoo the crows, trust walk, one minute game, lucky dip, ring a gift, tambola and computer games.
The stalls of personality test, fortune teller and haunted house witnessed an unprecedented rush. Every fete participant vied to know their fortune and find the personalities they are.
Request a song remained a crowded arena with songs from golden eras to latest wafting in air. Talent time, art pavilion/ face painting/ hair salon and creative corner kept the young and old minds busy as well as gave them an opportunity to express themselves. The talented ones were suitably awarded.
At fete raffle ticket prizes leaved many gasping. First cash prize on raffle ticket was awarded at Rs 10,000, second prize and third at Rs 5000 each and fourth and fifth prize at Rs 3000 each.
Educational institutes named Prayas and SOS were given complimentary stalls to exhibit the social work they do for orphan children.

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