Thursday, December 31, 2009

Small Wonders School kids present Odyssey 2009

Odyssey 2009 enthralls audience
Odyssey 2009 presents riot of colors

Panchkula, December 12
The Indradhanush Auditorium came alive with vibrant and colorful performances of students of Small Wonders School, Chandigarh at their annual day celebrations Odyssey 2009.
A potpourri of various cultures, Odyssey 2009 enthralled the spectators that appreciated performances with loads of applause and clapping. Addressing gathering at the event, school director Sandeep Singh said that Odyseey 2009 was a product of continuous hard work and commitment of students and teachers. He added that Odyssey-2009 was a cultural presentation that reminds us of living in different forms but pursuing the same goals.
Chief guest of the event was the chief administrator, GMADA V. P. Singh, while guest of honor was Achla Dogra the principal of, GCG, sec-11, Chandigarh. Principal Heena Sharma read out the annual report highlighting achievements of the school.
Event began with students of class-3 playing Alladin, Jasmine and Gennie taking audience around the world in two hours by presenting dances of various countries.
Students of Nursery-1 and Nursery-2 presneted Aerobics, while play class 1 and play class 2 danced on Ibiza. The tiny tots of LKG-1 gyrated to the music of Arabic dance and play class 3 and play class 4 presented a riot of colors with Colors of Brazil. Class 1 B presented tribal dance inspired by Zulu traditions from Africa.
Class 1 A students waltzed to the gentle moves of Ballroom dance depicting the Victorian era. Nursery 5 students presented a unique Incredible India programme that was salute and celebration of the success of India at the Oscars. Students of LKG 2 presented cowboy dance representing the country side folks.
A Punjabi marriage depicting the zest and zeal for life and celebrations by students UKG 3 and UKG 4 drew huge applause from the crowd. Little UKG 2 students turned pirates in search of treasure in Treasure hunters of the Carribean.
Students of UKG 1 presented Hip-Hop dance – a cultural movement and an artistic commitment to seize freedom from oppressive social conditions. Kids from Nursery 3 and Nursery 4 presented a spectacular choreography on environmental theme save the earth.
Students of class II presented the much acclaimed fusion - East meets West. It featured the dance heritage of India with Bharatnatyam as the classical dance which has retained its pure form and western dance characterized by great diversity and change.
The programme concluded with Heal the world spreading important message that culture transcends boundaries and can get us all together. Children gave a message saying the time was ripe to shed our differences and get together to save the planet and heal the world and make this planet a better place to live in.

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