Friday, December 11, 2009

Theme-based Crystal Bar forays into resto-bar arena in Chandigarh

Crystal Bar comes to titillate palate
World Coastal food finds new home at Crystal Bar

Chandigarh, December 10
Amidst aura of crystals, the coastal grilled food coupled with fantastic dining experience, waits at the Crystal bar, sector 26 Chandigarh.
Crystal Bar has world coastal grilled foods on its palate for the food connoisseurs. Set amidst the world of crystals with Swarovski, glass and mirror work and the aura of light (aqueous blue) donning interiors of the restaurant food aficionados can savor dishes doled out by finest chef from Delhi.
“We realized the thirst (for change) in the city and came up with our Crystal Bar where dining amidst richly decorated glasswork area would be an experience to remember,” said Mr Munish Bajaj, director, the brains behind Crystal Bar.
Bajaj added that the finest of chefs from Delhi have hand woven the menu to present a complete masterpiece. The entire interiors have been designed to help visitors relax. “We have played with color theme of blue and metal. The combination of Swarovski lights and chandeliers with plush blue furniture infuses an infectious zeal,” Bajaj added.
The music seen will be mostly electronic, house, asian underground, drum & base, Dubstep, techno, minimal and fusion act and live visuals will be held time to time.
Soups on menu are Consomme ala polo and summer minestrone (traditional Italian soup with ripe vegetables). The salad lovers have an array of options to choose from including Caeser salad, mascarpone grilled chicken salad, classic salami Olivet pasta salad, Tuscan tuna salad and fresh green with choice of dressings of blue cheese, honey mustard, 1000 island, sun dried tomato and Basil, parmesan peppercorn, balsamic vinaigrette.
The appetizers include shrimp cocktail, fried shrimp, smoked salmon, fresh tuna, chef fish, chicken sauté, chicken and mushroom patties, Greek shish Kabab, Crostini (veg / non veg), button mushroom, fried tortellini, cottage cheese and mozzarella rolls, nacho salsa Mexicana and marinated olives.
Entrees (from the coast) include grilled trout/ pomfret, grilled tuna , grilled fish, grilled Norwegian salmon.
Yummy prawns can be had as shrimp crepe and grilled jumbo prawns. Grill lamb chops, rack of lamb and Penne Bolognese would tease the palate. The regular chicken is up for servings as chicken paprika, grill chicken and grill drumsticks.
The vegetarians too have delights in form of grilled vegetables, grilled cottage cheese steak, fried tortellini, ravioli, manicotti, Aglio E Olio and Fettucccine Alfredo.
Mouth watering desserts include Tiramisu, double chocolate cheese cake, crepes (chocolate crepe and Rum and raisin crepe), pancake with peach/ apricot/ apple sauce, apple cinnamon pie and home made ice cream.

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