Friday, December 11, 2009

Saroj Khan’s Dance Academy now in Chandigarh

Saroj Khan to open Dance Academy in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, December 7
The dancing queen and famous choreographer Saroj Khan has brought the Bollywood dancing right in the city for UT denizens with her Saroj Khan Dance Academy.
Collaborating with the Leo 1 Production (India) Ltd the dance academy would be operational by December end. Addressing media persons here today Khan said that the academy would satiate desire of those vying to master the Bollywood dances.
She added that during shows she has seen inexperienced candidates turning up and making themselves a laughing stock. “Our academy would train students in such a way that they stand unique from the crowd,” added Saroj, the winner of three National film Award for Best Choreography and eight Filmfare Best Choreography awards. She opined that the vibrant people of Chandigarh had the right moves and talent to be dancers.
Sandeep Shukla, Chairman, Leo 1 Production (India) Ltd revealed that besides Bollywood dancing, the aspirants can also undergo training for classical, folk and western dances from Saroj Khan, The classical would include Bharatnatyam, while folk dances include bhangra and giddha and western includes Jazz, Rock-n-Roll, salsa etc.
He added that aspirants would not only be taught dancing but will be trained to the level of reality shows. Saroj Khan would screen each applicant for different dance courses. Shukla said that as aspirant would be admitted only after he or she has undergone screening wherein his or her body rhythm would be studied.
“Based on screening performance, Saroj Khan would recommend the course needed for aspirant. This would aide to know whether an applicant needs primary course or an advanced one,” he added.
The producers of famous Dance India Dance reality show, Leo 1 Productions India Ltd, would air the show from December 18 onwards on Zee TV.
Paramveer Singh of Leo one Production (India) Ltd was also present at the media briefing.


  1. can any1 tell us about d contact number, adress , n abt d xact location in chd......??????

  2. Dance India Dance is back with a bang on Zee TV and that too in a new avatar. The first three seasons which had individual participants and gave us new dancing talents is now called ‘DID Doubles’ which means that instead of individuals, there will be couples who will perform as a team.

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