Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sant Seechewal beckons youth to join green brigade

Workshop on disaster management preparedness concludes
Sant Seechewal beckons youth to join green brigade

Kharar, November 21
“Most of the disasters are man made wherein we have over-exploited mother nature and left her bereft of her precious jewels of green cover and polluted her water bodies,” Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal, the famous green crusader said this while addressing gathering at the concluding day of workshop on disaster management preparedness at Rayat and Bahra College of Law, Sahauran campus today.
Seechewal added that the floods of Bihar were actually the Kosi River re-visiting its path that now lay encroached by greedy land mafias. He added, “It’s not our duty to save the environment, but a necessity. We have reached a point of saturation in terms of pollution and there is no option but to plant more trees and lessen the green house effect.” He also planted sapling in the college premises.
Earlier (Dr.) G.S. Bajwa, director-principal, Rayat and Bahra College of Law, Mohali welcomed the guests at the occasion and apprised them of the workshop that dealt with issues of first aid, earth quake management, clinical psychology, consultations, flood management, fire management and all other natural calamities.
Prof. KK Uppal, director (human resources) delivered presidential address. During workshop, the participants were provided literature and given practical orientation. They were also awarded certificates.
Delivering vote of thanks Gurvinder Singh Bahra, vice chairman, Rayat-Bahra Group of Institutes (RBGI) said the workshop was held under aegis of NSS, in collaboration with NSS Wing, Punjabi University, Patiala and Punjab State Council for Science & Technology (PSCTST) Chandigarh. He added that workshop had rightly met its target in sensitizing participants on disasters and the immediate survival techniques to be followed.

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