Friday, November 13, 2009

Girl child week celebrated at Small Wonders School

Rally celebrates girl child
Small Wonders kids highlight importance of girl child

Mohali, September 24
Small Wonders School, Mohali celebrated the girl child week in its bid to contribute for gender equality in society and motivate people to improve skewed sex ratio in society. On the final day of the week, students took out a thought provoking rally on phase VII Mohali sensitizing people on the issue.
During week long celebrations from September 22 to September 24 at the school witnessed a hue of creative and educative programme. Light was shed on the lives of women of substance like Kalpana Chawla, Indira Gandhi, Sania Mirza, Mother Teresa, Kiran Bedi, Arundhati Roy and their contribution in building a society.
School came out in support of mission of saving girl child by taking out a rally on September 24 in phase VII Mohali. It was an initiative to sensitize public and increase acceptance of females in society, thereby ensuring that they get equal opportunities at all levels.
Students of classes II and III carried placards and raised slogans carrying message for
Students also enacted a street play depicting the role and contribution of the girls in the society and the need to educate girl child.
Saving girl child and you’ ll save the world; Courage, determination, pride, that’s what little girls are made of; girls are the mothers of the world; a female child born Lakshmi born; no past, present or future without a girl ; girls are angels save them; a baby girl is God’s opinion that life should go on; female feticide is a suicide; my daughter- nation’s pride.
The couplets of let’s join save girl child campaign; girls are the flowers let them bloom; girls - one of the most beautiful miracles in life; how can we crush a flower before it blooms; every child should be allowed to live without the discrimination of sex, think for a while before doing this sin; mother, let me take birth don’t kill me I’m as good as a son made people sit back and take notice.

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