Friday, November 13, 2009

Family day celebrated at The Millennium School

Family day celebrated at The Millennium School

Mohali, October 29

The Millennium School Mohali's kindergarten wing celebrated family day spread over three days at the school premises.

The 3 day celebrations saw enthusiastic participation by children and their family alike. At least one member of family performed with his or her ward. A mother, a father, a grandparent and in some cases even an elder sibling, came on the stage and put on their best show supporting their little kin.

The aim of celebrations was to let children know the rock-like strength and support of a family and its importance in their lives and to make the family understand the importance of spending time with their children,

Ms. Komal Singh Principal of the school said that the best inheritance a parent can give to their child is a few minutes(can we change this...few minutes sound too little for a parent!) of quality time every day. What a child is or becomes is largely because of his/her family. The role that a family plays in the life of a child is of utmost importance. It does not matter how much wealth a man has, for if he has a family, he's rich. It is the lack of emotional security and isolation from a larger family unit that leads youngsters astray, she added.

The programme ended with each child presenting a plant to the family, to be nurtured together.

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