Monday, November 16, 2009

City’s longest healthy centipede takes shape

Green centipede marks nutrition day at Small Wonders
Students make nutritious centipede to mark good health

Mohali, November 16
In its effort to promote healthy and nutritious food eating habits amongst its students, the Small Wonders School organized an activity engaging young minds towards importance of healthy eating.
School organized Arney’s Backyard, a unique and tested model that engages children in the process of promoting healthy child development. The school runs such nutrition intervention programmes in schools on a once a week. Earlier for Diwali, students were taught how to make chocolate healthier while making the edible Nutri-Diya’s.
This week, Arney’s Backyard together with Small Wonders brought the 500 students to collectively learn the benefits of bringing and eating healthy tiffins to school through a very interesting activity of making the longest healthy centipede with chapatti and veggie rolls. Carrot and beans sticks made the centipede’s legs.
“With children one needs to apply innovative ways of cooking and presenting the food. Actual task is to make even the most mundane of dishes look tempting for the children,” said Aditi Mehrotra, Diet consultant and Nutrition and health educator and the brains behind Arney’s Backyard.
She laid emphasis on inculcating early healthy eating habits in children. “Foods we expose and introduce our children to during infancy go a long way in deciding their overall growth and development,” she added.
She appealed parents, especially mothers, to minimize use of too much sugar, fat, salt, refined flour, processed foods and food additives that are commonly found in ready-to-be-eaten stuff available in market..

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