Friday, November 20, 2009

Creativity on display at concluding day of Robomania

Robomania concludes at The Millennium School

Mohali, November 17
The three-day workshop on robotics Robomania- based on BuLo Robotronics kits -- concluded at The Millennium School today amidst a eight of problem solving robots created by the participating students at the event.
Robots created were put up at display for the parents who were wonderstruck to see the automated creations of their children from class fourth to eighth. During the three-ay workshop, students not only learnt intrinsic fundamentals of robotics machine but even added knowledge to various science and mathematics concepts.
The Millennium School, Mohali held this workshop in collaboration with Building Blocks – an experiential learning organization. Eight teams, having four participants each, created a robot that solved a particular problem statement of avoiding a boundary enclosure. Workshop gave participating students an opportunity to apply practical knowledge learnt from classroom lectures and books on robotics.
Ms Komal Singh, Principal, The Millennium School said that the winning team shall represent The Millenium School at All India Robotics Challenge (IRC). This program in Robotics has been attended by over 5000 students in the country and was introduced for the first time in the city of Chandigarh by the Millenium School.
During the three days workshop participants learnt about fascinating concepts of science like simple and complex machines, pulleys, levers, two wheel and four wheel drives by creating mechanical designs. They came across idea of logic building and flowchart making by working on sensor programming. They made robots that can follow a line via an artificial logic.

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