Friday, November 13, 2009

Canada to fast-track applications from safe countries like India

Immigration Applications from India to be processed on fast track

Chandigarh, November 6, 2009.

According to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s proposal, the Canadian government is considering that applications from safe countries, another name given to countries not known to promote or harbor terrorists, be processed faster.

Lt Col (retd) BS Sandhu, CMD WWICS Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services revealed in as per statement issued here today. He said that this move is expected to fast-track visa applications from India, which is considered a safe country.

Making Canadian visa system more similar to the British, this proposal would attempt to speed up laborious and lengthy Canadian immigration process making visa applicants enter country more quickly. Also the visa applications will be judged at a quicker pace.

Sandhu added that with recession draining out of progressive economy like that of Canada, the maple leaf country is in need of skilled and talented Asians for the expanding jobs in various sectors. India’ stand against terrorism makes it advantageous for it’s people to gain favorable entry.

“The fast-track visa would give an impetus to immigration process expediting clearance of long pending pile of applications that lie pending,” Sandhu added.
Those interested in visas to Canada, should contact immigration experts for information and advice on which visa is best suited. The aspirants can also try WWICS visa eligibility assessment to see one is eligible to apply for a visa to Canada.
These days even experienced farmers of Punjab can avail benefits of relocating, increasing land holding, call their relatives, families, friends and can permanently settle abroad. Talking about latest avenues available for farmers and other businessperson with investing capacity Sandhu said that fast track permanent residency opportunities for all these sections have enhanced manifold in present scenario.

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