Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TWO rare pediatric surgeries at Cheema Medical Complex,Mohali

Mohali, April 21. Two rare surgeries have been performed at Cheema Medical Complex here in Mohali. These have been performed on small children who were facing defects in the genital area.

While detailing about the surgeries Dr Ajaiwant Cheema, Managing Director, Cheema Medical Complex, said that the first case was of four year old Rabia, a resident of Ludhiana who was suffering from urogenital sinus and had complaints of no control over passing urine. She was passing urine continuously into her vagina due to a wrong congenital defect. Because of this the urine carrying tubes from the kidneys were emptying into the bladder and also the sexual tract (Vagina).

Due to this she and her parents had a difficult social problem and were worried about her later married life. The child also had problem in going to school in such a state. The parents had gone to big institutions like in Ludhiana and some private surgical centre in Ludhiana but could not find a curative remedy for her.

The parents, told reporters that they then searched over the internet for a solution to their child’s problem and contacted Dr. Money Gupta who is a pediatric surgeon based at Cheema Medical Complex, Mohali. The child was examined here and a surgical plan was made. In addition to the defect he baby also had bilateral double ureters.

Dr Gupta explained that she endoscopically saw opening of a urinary tract into sexual tract and separated that opening from it. We reconstructed the urinary opening into its normal place and reconstructed sexual tract. Now she is passing urine normally, she is having control of urine. She is going to school. Also her sexual tract is normal and she will have completely normal married life.

The second case was of a young boy who had a buried penis and a webbed penis added Dr Cheema.

Mukul 14 yrs old boy resident of Ambala had his penis hidden into scrotal skin. Whole of his penis was concealed into scrotum and also there was web between penis and scrotum.

This would have hampered his normal sexual life. Dr Gupta said after examining the child planned the surgical separation of penis from scrotum. He surgically separated the penis from scrotum and also cut the web which was present between penis and scrotum. Hence the Penis became clearly visible outside and then a skin cover was given to it. Now the child would have a normal sexual life and will be able to procreate.

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