Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Parents get a first hand experience of new teaching methodologies adopted at The Millennium School

Parents go back to Classrooms; get a first hand experience of new
teaching methodologies adopted at The Millennium School, Mohali.

Mohali April 07, 2009: Orientation day was today held at ‘The Millennium School’, Mohali to give parents an over view of the school and apprise them with the new age learning methodologies and techniques being adopted at the school.

The school adopted a unique means to bring alive for the parents, the experience of being a student of TMS. The parents sat in a classrooms environment to understand how the new technologies were being adopted by the schools to enhance the teaching learning experience and produce better learning outcomes among all students.

Keeping in mind the key concerns of all parents of school going children- that their child should receive the best possible education and should be treated as an individual and not just as part of a crowd, TMS made a very interesting and informative presentation to the parents that outlined how the school has been successful in this regard. By adopting the ancient ‘Gurukul’ system, where the focus is on the individual and on personalized learning, TMS has achieved its objective of being a totally child-centric school. By seamlessly blending the best of traditional and modern methodologies, TMS is catering to the needs of all their students in an effective manner.

Parents were told how the Millennium Learning System (MLS) created by the R & D division of Educomp Solutions, that forms the basis of the TMS curriculum, is a unique system, for it takes into account many key things that are generally neglected in schools---first and foremost the fact that all children learn differently. Just as no two children are alike in habits or physical appearance, similarly the way they learn may be just as unique. In education this is referred to as learning styles. It is not what a person learns but how he learns.

There are different ways of describing learning styles, but the simplest learning style is the VAK standing for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Helping children to learn based on their natural learning style helps them acquire knowledge in a meaningful way---this is how it is done at TMS.

To further elaborate on learning styles, three lessons were conducted by teachers, where volunteer parents acted as students to give them a taste of how teaching is conducted in the classrooms. The lesson for nursery children was about teaching the use of the fine motor skills in the form of making a table mat by vegetable printing; in the EVS lesson for class V, a lesson was taught on ‘Inside our Earth’ through an activity which brought clarity to the concept. A lesson on ‘circle’ and its elements was effectively taught through an activity and the Smart Class (digital content) module.

The parents were, thereafter, taken on a round of the classrooms, where they met all the teachers and were informed about other unique aspects of the Millennium Learning System.

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