Saturday, April 4, 2009

BJP's youth wing to mobilize public opinion against black money in Swiss banks

BJYM to launch campaign against black money
Morcha to start series of seminars and an online campaign to mobilize public opinion

BJP's youth wing to mobilize public opinion against black money in Swiss banks
Morcha to launch campaign from April 6

BJP's youth wing takes up cudgels against black money
BJYM to launch campaign via seminars and internet

Bring back ill gotten wealth from Swiss bank accounts- Thaker
BJP's youth wing to step up heat against black money

New Delhi, April 4: Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, BJYM, the youth wing of BJP is all set to launch a tirade against money laundering and black money hoarded illegally by Indians in their Swiss bank accounts through a sustained series of seminars and awareness generating programmes all across the country.

The seminars beginning from 6th April will be carried on till 12th April as part of youth wing’s initiative to awaken the consciousness of righteous Indians against ill begotten money which has been siphoned off for decades from India into ever inflating Swiss bank accounts. An announcement to this effect was made here today during a press conference addressed by BJYM National President Shri Amit Thaker.

Shri Thaker informed media persons that morcha’s campaign against enormously accumulated unaccounted for wealth in Swiss bank accounts comes close on the heels of BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Shri L K Advani’s call to address the vital issue which potentially can have major impact of India’s economic prospects as well. Morcha will not only organize seminars all across India but will also mobilize public opinion against black money through Internet by seeking online responses on its web site, announced Shri Thaker. Indians can now raise their voice against ill gotten money which lies in Switzerland based accounts of Indian tax evaders, corrupt individuals, criminals, corrupt politicians and others.

Expressing concern over the unimaginable extent of unaccounted for Indian wealth in Swiss accounts Shri Thaker shared the extreme exasperation felt by Shri Advani towards the issue which holds the key to bringing guilty to book even as bringing back the extraordinary wealth back to India is a core issue. The estimated money deposited in Swiss bank accounts by Indians grew from a whopping 130 lakh crores in 2001 to a staggering 285 lakh crores in 2007, an increase of over 80% in six years. With the tone of murky financial dealings having been set way back in 80s by the infamous Bofors scam involving former Prime Minister and senior Congress functionaries, the phenomenon seems to have assumed greater proportions in following decade, lamented Shri Thaker who called upon Indians to rise against this hoarding and cheating on a massive scale.

The black money must be brought back to India and circulated among its rightful owners i.e. Indian citizens and tax payers who have been paying the price for the misdeeds of their political masters who have turned blind eye towards tax evaders, corrupt individuals, criminals, corrupt politicians and others for decades now, asserted Shri Thaker.

BJYM will take upon itself the task to shake the political consciousness from its deep slumber which has spelled poverty and disparity in past 60 years since Independence. We are starting a movement to bring back Indian wealth from those Swiss banks and re invest the same towards waiving debts of farmers, investing in infrastructure, providing safe drinking water to every Indian, construction of houses for poor and for rural development on a larger than ever scale, said Shri Thaker. For this purpose morcha’s campaign and series of seminars will bring about a massive transformation of public mindset against the corrupt politicians and dishonest rulers who have played havoc with the development of the country for purely vested interests, hoped Shri Thaker.

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