Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seminar on “Art of Parenting” concludes at Small wonders

Experts share tips on “Art of Parenting” at Small wonders
Doctors educate Parents on behavioral handling of Children
Seminar on Parenting gets an over whelming response at Small wonders
Experts deliver vital tips on Parenting at Small wonders
Seminar on “Art of Parenting” left a spellbound impact on Parents at Small wonders

Mohali, 21 April: Raising 21st century children and preparing them to face challenges of rapidly moving world, has proved to be an uphill task for the Parents. Now-a – days handling children has become an art and it needs a skillful parenting to groom them. With an effort to educate Parents on effective parenting, the Small wonders School at Mohali took an initiative to organize a special lecture of Dr BK Waraich, MD, Consultant, Psychiatrist Fortis Hospital and Nitika Gupta- PhD research Scholar, Clinical Psychologist on the occasion of the concluding day of the two day Seminar on the “Art of Parenting”, at the School campus in Phase- VII, here today.

While speaking on this occasion the Director of the School Mr. Sandeep Singh said that the motive of the two day Seminar on Parenting was to provide a penetrating insight into the multidimensional approach towards effective parenting. He said that the parents were over whelmed by the exemplary techniques and inputs shared by the experts in order to handle their children.

Dr BK Waraich who is a renowned expert in the field of neuropsychiatry especially Childhood and teen behavior problems, rendered crucial information in handling temper tantrums and hyperactivity in children. He said that Children need guidance- just as catching hypertension early can prevent heart attacks- similarly catching low self esteem; hyperactivity etc early can lead to a more self confident, assured individual and prevent problems.

Nitika Gupta- PhD research Scholar, Clinical Psychologist said that children have inborn tendencies that need to be recognized early and dealt within a stipulated time frame in right perspective and direction. She said that it is very important for the parents to devote time with children to optimize their potential.

In the end the parents asked questions from the experts and also took the opportunity to interact with the other team of professionals present on this occasion.

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