Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Healthy Food competition At Ashmah International School

Mohali, 22 April: In an effort to inculcate healthy eating habits among school children, the Ashmah international school in Chandigarh, now, not only imparts quality education to its students but makes an effort full-fledged development of a child’s personality.

The school teaches students the healthy way of life. The school observed the “healthy food day”, with great enthusiasm at he school premises. The main aim of observing
such an occasion was to make our students aware of the benefits of healthy food in our life, said he Principal Mrs Rajinder Ghuman.

With an aim of involving parents in this “healthy food” project, the students were asked to bring tiffin that contains food that is healthy. This could be a traditional dish or even a salad. Though junk food was the present generation’s delight, the importance of a healthy diet needed to be justified to our young ones.

With parents being equally concerned for their young one’s health, their involvement was ensured in preparing the healthy foods. The result was that parents sent a large variety of healthy foods like sprouts, fresh fruits, boiled vegetables, salads, juices and milk products. The students were encouraged to bring such healthy dishes in their
everyday tiffin.

Mrs Ghuman said that “healthy food day” was just another step in fulfilling our endeavor of a healthier and stronger country.

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