Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Economic slowdown increasing heart diseases, says Dr Bali

Slowing of economy hurting hearts, says eminent cardiologist

Strengthen your heart to face economic setback, Dr Bali "s advise to industry

Reality check-bad economy bad for heart

Traders, Businessman more prone to heart diseases, says Dr Bali

Should you let your heart at the mercy of world economy, asks Dr Bali

Chandigarh, April 7. The ongoing economic recession can affect the health of the trading community, the business men and industrialists. The incidence of heart disease is increasing among these people at an alarming rate, said noted intervention Cardiologist Dr.H.K.Bali and exhorted them to shun sedentary habits and change life style. Dr Bali was addressing Chandigarh Beopar Mandal on the eve of World Health Day. The meeting was attended by about 300 members and it was followed by an interactive session where members enthusiastically asked wide ranging questions on heart disease and their prevention.

Stress levels have increased particularly in the last year due to economic slowdown and decrease in exports. Joining cultural and religious groups can help tackle stress, suggested Dr.Bali. The affected people should share their sorrows and happiness with family members and friends will also help where people should cut – off from the world completely.

Most people in these three categories (traders, business men and industrialists) have a sedentary life style with very little physical activity. Job profiles involve long hours of sitting. Diet is unregulated besides being rich in fats and trans fatty acids. Most of them eat out very frequently, some even do that every day. Restaurants food is very rich in saturated fats and also in trans fats. Heavy alcohol intake adversely affects heart and even more damaging are the snacks with the alcohol, warned Dr.Bali.

Stress significantly affects health by producing high Blood pressure, aggravating diabetes and increasing heart disease. There is urgent need to regulated diet, moderate alcohol consumption and inculcate regular physical activities.

Dr. Bali suggested that refined oils should be used as a cooking medium and outdoor dining at restaurants should be cut down. Consumption of regular small meals should be the norm while a heavy dinner should be avoided. Mid- meal snacking has to be avoided and consumption of fruits should be encouraged, suggested the doctor.

A wholesome meal should have green leafy vegetables. Non – vegetarians should consume fish and red meat should be avoided.

Besides this at least 30 minutes of exercise should be made a part of the daily routine. Moderately vigorous exercise, including brisk walking, jogging, cycling. Swimming and outdoor games should be undertaken on most days of the week. People with heart disease and elderly individuals should consult a Cardiologist before starting exercise regimen. Yoga is an excellent way of avoiding life style disease including high BP, diabetes and heart disease, added Dr.Bali, He further added that although we should try to avoid heart disease, one can still look forward to a good quality of life and a heart attack given the medical advances in managing heart attack and systematic rehabilitation after a heart attack, Concluded Dr. Bali.

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