Monday, April 20, 2009

Carmel Children organize ecofriendly Carnival

Children make a statement for the health of our planet.
Children show the way forward.
“Ecology needs our immediate attention” childrens refrain
Shun violence ,concentrate energies on saving earth, plead child

Chandigarh, April 17. Ecology of the earth is being adversely affected by humanity and the damage has reached critical proportion. The ecological changes have started casting serious doubt about the survival of the planet itself. Urgent and aggressive efforts are the need of the hour to reverse this damage . This fact was underlined tellingly by small children of the Carmel Convent School by organizing an” Ecofriendly Carnival “ in sector -33 park recently.
The event a brainchild of Shreya Bali and Meher Virk, both of class V, was a huge success and evoked great interest amongst children. The other key organizers of the event were Ananya Sharma, Anushka Tayal , Rehmat Virk ,Idika Mittal,Gurinayat Brar, Vidisha Arora and Eknoor Chahal.
About fifty children participated enthusiastically in the day long festivities. The carnival was marked by games, tambola and an exhibition where beautifully designed souvenirs were displayed and eventually sold to the participants. All there little souvenir had been crafted by children themselves and the preparations for the event had been going on for more then a month.
A “free sapling” of a plant was given to each child to drive home the importance of eco conservation. When most children after the exam would be busy playing or planning vacations, these children were concerned about the ecology and making a statement for adults to take note of . Parent of the children were curious spectators keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings.”
Everyone including children need to think about the ecology of the planet for the survival of mother earth” said Mehar Virk while disposing of one of her painting in the sale.
Shreya Bali said that if all of us inculcate little eco friendly habit in our day to day chores, we can make a positive contribution .We must act now if our future generations have to survive with a good quality of life, she added . Such events should be organised more frequently to create awareness amongst children and adults added Ananya Sharma. ‘We should make ecofriendly behaviour second nature.. for our long term benefit” was the parting statement of Shreya Bali.
Participating children thoroughly enjoyed the carnival and were unanimous that they would be organizing more such events in the near future..
Food for though for us adult!!

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