Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hundreds of activists register protest with Jairam Ramesh

Swadeshi Jagran Manch joins battle against Bt brinjal

Chandigarh, January 29
Hundreds of activists of Swadeshi Jagran Manch protested against Bt Brinjal in front union minister for environment, Jairam Ramesh during his visit here today.
The NGO activists raised their voice against the Genetic Engineering and Approval Committee (GEAC) for passing Bt Brinjal. The entire premises echoed with slogans of Bt baingan Murdabad, Say no to GM food an We Are Not Lab Rats during public hearing on issue.
The state coordinator of Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Dr Subhash Sharma said that country was already reeling under disaster caused by Bt cotton and induction of yet another genetically engineered crop would wreak havoc on India.
“Bt cotton has led to many farm suicides. The multi national companies dealing with genetically engineered crops now are trying to venture into food market with Bt Brinjal. Having earned millions out of Bt cotton, they are now trying to serve us poison on platter,” he said.
He added that with Bt Brinjal, these companies want to control the food market. “Bt Brinjal is just a start. It sounds of hundreds of genetically modified crop that would flood market once Bt Brinjal gets government approval,” he said.
Talking about the deadly effects on human health, Dr Sharma said that GM food is banned in Europe and giving it nod in India would mean jeopardizing lives of crores of innocent Indians,” he added.
The NGO opposed using Indians as lab rats for GM foods. Terming the introduction of genetically modified food a conspiracy, the activists said that this move was meant to directly attack the bank of indigeneous and health brinjal variety in Indian market.
They said that MNCs won’t be allowed to rule the roost on expense of India’s interests. The activists submitted a memorandum to Jairam Ramesh and appealed him to withdraw approval given to Bt brinjal.

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