Sunday, May 23, 2010

BJP leader unfurls national flag on Republic day

Chandigarh, 27 February: Jai ram Joshi a senior leader and former president of BJP, Chandigarh, hoisted national flag at the Mauli Jagran complex and Kumahar colony market, Maloya on the occasion of Republic day.

Joshi unfurled national flag at the Mauli Jagran on the invitation of Welfare committee of the complex and at Maloya on the invitation of new Kumhar market. An impressive cultural program was presented by the children’s of the parents who belonged to the section of below the poverty line of the society.

Joshi, while speaking on this occasion, he explained that our forefather fought untidily for the sake of Independence of the nation and in this process some of them sacrificed their lives. Therefore the Independence and republic days are celebrated as national festivals throughout India by all sections of the society irrespective of caste and religion.

He lamented that the fruits of the freedom have not reached to the downtrodden. There is a big gap between have and have not. Half of the population is below the poverty line and they are still struggling for two square meals. He further lambasted UPA Govt. for its miserable failures in controlling the sky rocketing prices of the essential commodities. He added that Sharad Pawar, Food and Supplies Minster at the centre who was once an aspirant of Prime Minister Ship, has virtually become a cause of rising prices. His irresponsible statements have further boosted the prices of daily used articles. UPA Govt. seems to galloping in the dark and it has surrendered in the matter of controlling rising prices. He suggested that UPA Govt. should plan and act immediately otherwise the rising process can crate chaos in the country

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