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Ashmah International School faculty on learning expedition

Ashmah International School faculty on learning expedition
Ashmah School faculty attends workshop on upcoming challenges

Mohali, January 11
The faculty members of Ashmah international School, Mohali attended workshop preparing them to meet upcoming challenges in education.
Brigadier Jagdev, a renowned expert in academics and trends in teaching technology brushed up the teachers’ knowledge bank giving emphasis on continual learning amongst teachers.
“Teachers should work towards of their professional skills,” he said sharing the findings regarding educational system, innovative techniques and methods to make the system child centered.
The discussion brought out an interesting revelation about children of working mothers having higher stress levels than their home maker counterparts.
“The role of teacher assumes wider dimensions in such a scenario when cut-throat competition has failed to go down well with the students. With this, the stress level among kids is soaring,” Brig Jagdev explained.
He deliberated that apart from teaching teachers are required to bridge emotional gaps in the child caused due to changing family structures and socio-economic constraints.
The workshop aimed at equipping teachers with necessary skills to identify strengths and capacities of each student individually and thereby modifying teaching technique, to suit learner’s personality and potential.
Introducing this concept of tailor-made-teaching, Brigadier Jagdev also emphasized on development of teacher’s personality too and underlined that teachers themselves need to have strong leadership qualities and high motivational and commitment levels to be able to transmit the same to their students.
School director J.S. Kesar exhorted the efforts of principal Roopinder Ghuman in arranging this workshop.
Kesar said that at least three such workshops would be conducted in a year to update knowledge of teacher and enhance their teaching capabilities.
Roopinder Ghuman said workshop proved highly motivating and inspirational for teachers. She thanked Brig Jagdev for the workshop and added that its benefits would percolate down to the students’ level bringing a sea change.

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  1. Am the student of one of top International School in Chennai(my school) my father got transfer to Mohali so me and my parents need to migrate to Mohali immediately am looking for a international school in Mohali does admission process still continues in Ashmah International School, or what would be the last date for admission, please make your reply