Friday, May 8, 2009


Mohali, May 8. It was a day of extraordinary fun and frolic which marked the Mothers’ Day celebrations at Small Wonders School, Phase 7, here today. The celebrations saw vivacious and fun filled action throughout as kids and their moms had a hay day reveling in the gala celebrations specially planned for the day. Even as eventful games and activities involving students and their mothers stole the limelight with an impressive participation from enthusiastic mothers, the day was overwhelming in terms of emotive overtone which filled the campus.
The specially organized event started with prayer ‘Rejoice in The Lord’ by C- II students followed by Birdy Dance and a dance on the song ‘Meri Maa’ by the students of class I and II concluded with Bhangra.
English song “My Mother is great” by class C- I and hindi song “Bina Bole Jo Samaj Le” by UKG students sought to put the mothers’ role in a pivotal perspective.
Speaking on the occasion Sandeep Singh, Director said that motherhood is the most sacred and greatest boon that God has bestowed upon woman. In our daily busy life we don’t get enough opportunities to tell mothers how we feel about them. So on the Mother’s day we remember the efforts that you have been putting in as a mother and pay suitable reverence to your selfless love.

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